The European Management Review (EMR) is EURAM's peer-reviewed journal, ISI listed as of 2013. The impact factor for 2016 is 1.33.

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  1. Corporate Governance: An International Review
  2. Creativity and Innovation Management
  3. European Financial Management
  4. Gender Work Organisations
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Human Resource Management Journal
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New Editor-in-Chief: Professor Yochanan Altman

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Previous Editors:

2004-2005  Pierre Dussauge, HEC Paris, France

2006-2008  Bruce Kogut, Columbia University, USA

2009-2013  Alfonso Gambardella and Maurizo Zollo (until 2012), Bocconi University, Italy

2014-2018  Mustafa Özbilgin, Brunel University, U.K.

2018-         Professor Yochanan Altman


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Methodology Matters

Call for papers

Methodological considerations are central to academic research. Methodology Matters is a new section of the European Management Review that seeks to provide a peer-reviewed outlet for contributions about the challenges of conducting management research.


Xenophobia = from Greek: xénos = 'the stranger', 'the guest'; phóbos = 'fear'

Call for papers

A wave of xenophobia is sweeping the world and notably Europe, with no end in sight. Recent events: the refugee crisis, Islamist terror, the rising incidence of racism, antisemitism and islamophobia, Brexit, the rise of Far Right and Extreme Left parties, populist rhetoric - all point a finger of blame to the stranger, and by extension, the 'other';


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Volume 16 - Issue 3 - Pages: 491-831, Autumn (Fall) 2019

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Pages: 491-492 | First Published: 28 November 2019

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