Xenophobia = from Greek: xénos = 'the stranger', 'the guest'; phóbos = 'fear'

Call for papers

A wave of xenophobia is sweeping the world and notably Europe, with no end in sight. Recent events: the refugee crisis, Islamist terror, the rising incidence of racism, antisemitism and islamophobia, Brexit, the rise of Far Right and Extreme Left parties, populist rhetoric - all point a finger of blame to the stranger, and by extension, the 'other';

as does the EuroBarometer* survey, which reports widening perceptions of discrimination not only on the basis of ethnicity and religion, but also of gender identity, disability and age. Xenophobia manifests in discriminatory behavior (a situational response), but also a wider entrenched worldview. Xenophobia is thus of interest to the social sciences in general, business & management included.

As EURAM's official journal, EMR wishes to encourage scholarship on Xenophobia by providing the space to report, discuss and debate this acute phenomenon, which has far reaching implications for societies and their citizenships in and out of work, to labour markets and organizations. The following topics are representative issues, but not exclusive, of interest to this section:

- xenophobia ground processes: globalization, migration, VUCA, inequality,  prejudice, identity

- institutional and systemic xenophobia: processes, antecedents, dynamics, intersectionality

- xenophobia in the workplace: legal issues (e.g. equal opps., bullying, scapegoating)

- tacit xenophobia at work: gossip, rumor, innuendo, stereotyping

- language and xenophobia: coded expressions, naming, verbal aggression

- the workplace as community organizational culture and the issue of xenophobia

- specific xenophobia expressions: antisemitism; islamophobia; homophobia; romaphobia... - workplace indicators and how to combat and redress them

- anti-xenophobic measures at the workplace: reform and constitutive policies, restorative practices, inclusiveness.

- leadership and xenophobia: toxic leadership, heroic leadership, healing leadership, transformative leadership

- xenophobia in management processes and how to combat them: e.g., recruitment & selection, performance appraisal

- xenophobia in business strategies

- brand management & xenophobia


Authors of articles should locate their contribution in a relevant intellectual, disciplinary, theoretical, cultural or national context and reflect on the applicability of the argument to other settings. 'Traditional' empirical and theoretical papers as well as well argued thought pieces are welcome.

This call is for a section that is intended to be an enduring part of the European Management Review for the foreseeable future, hence there is no deadline for submissions. The general guidelines for submissions to the European Management Review should be observed. When submitting articles, authors should select the XM section option in the submission procedure. Articles considered suitable by the section editor will be subject to a double-blind review. More information about author guidelines can be found on http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/%28ISSN%291740-4762/homepage/ForAuthors.html.

Yochanan Altman, section editor


Contact details for the section editor should you wish to discuss a potential submission: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


* Discrimination in the EU in 2015  Brussels: European Commission, October 2015



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