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Volume 16 - Issue 2 - Pages: 221-490 - Summer 2019

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Issue Information

Pages: 221-222 



Yochanan Altman
Pages: 223


Performance Management: State‐of‐the‐art and Implications for Europe and beyond

Vinh Sum Chau
Pages: 225-228

Original Articles

Do Empowered Front‐Line Employees Perform Better? A Non‐linear Approach and the Role of Service Complexity

Ioannis Kostopoulos
Pages: 229-242

The Performance of Gender Diverse Teams: What Is the Relation between Diversity Attitudes and Degree of Diversity?

Jakob Lauring, Florence Villesèche
Pages: 243-254


Performance Outcomes of Turnover Intentions in Temporary Organizations: A Dyadic Study on the Effects at the Individual, Team, and Organizational Level

Helge F.R. Nuhn, Sven Heidenreich, Andreas Wald
Pages: 255-271

Using Alienation at Work to Explain Why Managers' Dishonesty Does Not Lead to Firm Performance

Pablo Zoghbi‐Manrique‐de‐Lara, Mercedes Viera‐Armas
Pages: 273-284 

Riding two Horses at Once: The Combined Roles of Mastery and Performance Climates in Implementing Creative Ideas

Miha Škerlavaj, Matej Černe, Anders Dysvik, Christina G.L. Nerstad, Chunke Su
Pages: 285-302

The Unlearning of Managerial Skills: A Qualitative Study of Executive Officers

Makoto Matsuo
Pages: 303-315 

Developmental HRM, employee well‐being and performance: The moderating role of developing leadership

Elise Marescaux, Sophie De Winne, Anneleen Forrier
Pages: 317-331

High‐Performance Work Practices and Job Satisfaction: Gender's Moderating Role

Karla Brinck, Sina Otten, Sven Hauff
Pages: 333-345

Performance Management Systems: Task‐Contextual Dilemma Owing to the Involvement of the Psychological Contract and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Gaye Özçelİk, Cavİde B. Uyargİl
Pages: 347-362 

Performance of the Firms in a Free‐Trade Zone: The Role of Institutional Factors and Resources

Mohsen Akbari, Mostafa Ebrahimpour Azbari, Milad Hooshmand Chaijani
Pages: 363-378

Innovation Theory and the (Re‐)foundation of Management: Facing the Unknown

Maria Elmquist, Annabelle Gawer, Pascal Le Masson
Pages: 379-381 

Special Issue Articles
Understanding the invention phase of management innovation: a design theory perspective

Albert David
Pages: 383-398

A century old and still visionary: Fayol's innovative theory of management

Armand Hatchuel, Blanche Segrestin
Pages: 399-412

Contracting for the unknown and the logic of innovation

Anna Grandori, Marco Furlotti
Pages: 413-426

The Design Logic of New Business Models: Unveiling Cognitive Foundations of Managerial Reasoning

Dirk Schneckenberg, Vivek Velamuri, Christian Comberg
Pages: 427-447 

Experimenting in the Unknown: Lessons from The Manhattan Project

Thomas Gillier, Sylvain Lenfle
Pages: 449-469 

Designing Decisions in the Unknown: A Generative Model

Pascal Le Masson, Armand Hatchuel, Mario Le Glatin, Benoit Weil
Pages: 471-490 


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