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Thank you for cooperating

Dear EURAM members and friends,

in this sad period when the European dream seems to be floundering, I believe that it is more than ever our duty to collectively produce knowledge about cooperation in organisations and to cooperate in building the Future of Education and Research in Management.

Thank you for taking part in the EURAM 2016 Conference. We hope that, in the tradition of EURAM engaged scholarship, this conference constituted a step forward toward our cooperation and that Paris offered a stimulating environment for this purpose.

I do not think that EURAM should be a user friendly provider of service, but an association of volunteers aiming at producing research that matters for Business and Society, disseminating its results and building the institutional conditions allowing it. In spite of floods and strikes, you have been very active in our scientific and institutional debates.

Thank you to all the keynote speakers, panellists, editors and authors that nurtured our reflections. Thank you to all the chairs who have been preparing this event for a long time, we are well positioned to understand what efforts it takes.

Having resigned from the EURAM Executive Committee, I trust that our association will continue to try changing the rules of the management academic field (and I shall participate as much as I can in this endeavour) as well as to facilitate cooperative research and pedagogic projects.

The EURAM ecosystem is reinforcing itself and will develop its partnerships; it offers a unique opportunity to study the formidable transformation of our productive, research, educative systems and to work for a sustainable world.

We look forward to meeting you soon around common projects and next year in Glasgow for our next annual Conference,

Kind regards,

Julienne Brabet and the Local Organising Committee

european academy of management euram 2016 27441583332 oLetter from the President

Dear colleagues and friends,

In Paris we had a fantastic conference with a record number of participation!

Our plenaries with timely and relevant topics and a wonderful artistic performance will long be remembered. Many thanks to John Bessant, Pippa West and Richard Lamming for their meaningful and creative way of leading us in innovative thinking!

Our conference started with the DC Programme for which we initially received 88 submissions of which 72 were accepted. We are grateful to our 14 speakers, 26 mentors and DC co-chairs who kindly contributed to this fabulous event.

Our conference had also a novelty this year. Our colleagues in the LOC organised three interesting “Labs” for the professional development focusing on theory, teaching and innovation with practitioners which were held at Université Paris-Dauphine. We would like to thank the LOC and all the chairs and speakers of each of three Labs. These well-attended Labs will be kept as good practice in the coming years as well.

The conference offering was very wide with 79 tracks, 16 symposia and 15 DWGs. In total we had over 1300 participants from more than 50 countries present in Université Paris Est Créteil.

I would like to thank our conference chair Julienne Brabet, DC co-chair Laurence Beierlein, webmaster Asmaé Diani and each colleague at the LOC for organizing such a great conference. I would also like to extend my thanks to Conference Programme Committee, executive committee members, SIG and track chairs and officers, reviewers, authors, participants, our PCO DEKON and our executive officer Luisa Jaffé. Let us not forget the partner universities who deserve our gratitude for their active involvement and sponsorship: Universités Paris-Dauphine, Paris 13/Sorbonne Paris Cité and Paris-Est Marne la Vallée as well as ESCP Europe, HEC Paris and ISTEC Paris were partners of Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC, its Management Research Centre: IRG and its Business School: IAE Gustave Eiffel) for the organisation of EURAM 2016.

I would like to congratulate all the winners of the EURAM 2016 Conference Awards, DC Awards, EMR Award and TUM Award.

We are happy that new colleagues have joined us at the Board as national representatives:
Lithuania- Asta Pundziene, ISM University of Management and Economics
Poland - Dorota Dobija, Kozminski University
Portugal - Miguel Pereira Lopes, Instituto Superior de Ciencias Sociais e Politicas

We are delighted to have two new fellows: Anna Grandori, Bocconi University and Morten Huse, BI Norwegian Business School and University of Witten/Herdecke.

There are also changes in the Executive Committee. Yehuda Baruch, Southampton University, joined us as the Vice President Research with many inspiring projects. Harry Sminia, Strathclyde University, as our next conference chair, is looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow in 2017.

A warm welcome to our new board members, fellows and executive committee members. I am looking very much forward to collaborating with them.

Our fantastic conference chair and Vice President HR, Julienne Brabet, resigned after long years of remarkable service to EURAM. She will continue to serve EURAM in different capacities. Finally, Luca Gnan has come to the end of his presidency and has taken the role of past president in the Executive Committee. I am grateful to both of them for their outstanding contributions to our community.

As I start my term as president I would like to share with you once again my main objectives as defined in my policy statement:

  • Thinking out of the box: EURAM needs to go beyond the implicitly legitimised relationships in the business world and academic institutions and embrace new ways of acting and thinking.
  • Changing the rules of the game: Instead of submissive reception of imposed rules EURAM can play a major role in changing the rules of the game regarding ranking and evaluation. Our rich European cultural heritage may contribute to the elaboration of more meaningful rules which will improve our search for truth, creativity and reflexive critical voice.
  • Being genuine: Building a genuine association rather than a poor replica of existing associations. EURAM will benefit from good practices, but also will create its own model.
  • Transdisciplinary focus: EURAM needs to go beyond the boundaries of management and have a transdisciplinary approach to provide relevant and rigorous solutions to highly complex issues and problems of contemporary world.
  • Organisational innovation: EURAM needs to create a new governance structure to promote voluntarism and democracy to involve both prominent scholars and young colleagues into the functioning of our association by organizing elections at each level.

It is my pleasure to invite you, my colleagues, to join me to serve further for advancing the journey of this remarkable institution.

Wishing you a restful summer holiday!

Sibel Yamak, President

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