The aim of the EECC is to offer a platform for early career academics (broadly defined e.g. assistant professors, Post-doctoral researchers, recently appointed lecturers/associate professors, advanced PhD students) to come together to discuss key challenges, learn from experts and share career related insights. The EECC provides a forum for networking, knowledge exchange and development of research collaborations.


What/Who is the EECC

Ever since the EECC was created, it has been called in many ways. Some refer to the EURAM Early Career Consortium, the Colloquium, others to the Community.

In fact, the EECC is all three, a consortium of young scholars who participated in previous events. Today there are close to 70 junior scholars who have taken part in one of the six events dedicated to them.

The event itself is referred to as the colloquium.  Junior scholars from those countries have successfully worked with their institutions and EURAM to attract their peers to focus on their own interests and issues.
Yet, the EECC is a community within the wider community of engaged management scholars of EURAM enjoying the networking opportunities and special events targeted to them when they participate in the Annual Conference.


11th Edition of EECC - 2020


Testimonies from delegates, mentors and organisers

  • Louise Kringelum
  • Ndivhuho Tshikovhi
  • Anna Zukowicka-Surma
  • Joanna Szulc
  • Tendai Douglas Svotwa
  • Dr. Steffen Roth
  • Hannah Möltner
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Güldenberg
  • Miguel Pérez Valls
  • Brian Harney
  • EURAM 10th Early Career Consortium, Nuremberg, Germany, 2019 Testimony

    EECC provided a setting for developing my academic network which can be challenging in large conferences. Through a mix of paper sessions, informal networking and career development, EECC created a space for professional discussion with like-minded researchers who all had the same agenda; proactively developing our network to ensure future development both personally and for the EURAM society.

    Louise Kringelum

  • EURAM 10th Early Career Consortium, Nuremberg, Germany, 2019 Testimony

    The peer-to-peer environment focusing on naturing each other was outstanding. For the first time at an academic conference, I felt part of the whole than being a subject (paper) to be criticised and discussed. I am looking forward to future EECC, no doubt!

    Ndivhuho Tshikovhi

  • EURAM 10th Early Career Consortium, Nuremberg, Germany, 2019 Testimony

    10th EECC 2019 in Nuremberg was perfectly organized. It gave a lot of opportunities to develop networks between researchers and mentors through teamwork in highly creative environment. We were involved in an "olympic" competition to follow the paths of history of the city that has connections also with politics, knowledge, strategy and other fields of management.  Organizers even ordered wonderful weather so we could feel the first signs of coming spring. Unfortunately, the time spent together passed by too quickly. I wish I could meet organizers and all participants again in such inspiring conditions soon.

    Anna Zukowicka-Surma


  • EURAM 9th Early Career Consortium, Rome, Italy, 2018 Testimony

    An opportunity to participate in a EECC has been a fantastic opportunity to spend a few days on interesting and heated discussions about research and teaching excellence. Importantly, no other event has allowed for so much attention being paid to my work. I got useful feedback from EECC participants and from mentors who are experts in their field. It was also a great opportunity to network and share experiences with peers who – similarly to me – are early in their stages of academic careers. Intellectually stimulating environment coupled with beautiful surroundings of Rome has made the 2018 EECC and unforgettable experience!

    Dr Joanna Szulc, Lecturer in HRM, York St John’s University Business School, UK

    Participant of EECC 2018 in Rome


  • EURAM 8th Early Career Consortium, Rabat, Morocco, 2017 Testimony

    The 8th EEC for final year PhD students that was held at International University Rabat, Morocco in 2017 was quite informative, interactive and insightful, under the stewardship of Prof Nacef Mouri and Prof Steffen Roth. For me this was a joyous occasion to participate in such a beneficial Conference, held in Africa for the first time in the history of EURAM and having qualified to be one of the only 2 African final year PhD students to be awarded a grant by EURAM. I would like to encourage fellow PhD students to participate in future EURAM EEC Colloquiums which add great value to a diversity of global, contemporary management issues.

    Tendai Douglas Svotwa

    PhD Student, North West University, South Africa
    Former 8th EEC Participant and grant award winner, Rabat 2017.

  • Having been a EECC participant myself, I now do enjoy my engagement for the EECC because that is where I am meeting young and highly motivated talents with fresh ideas. One recent outcome of our EECC activities is our call for submissions to the "Next Management Theory" topic at the EURAM conference in Paris 2016.

    Dr. Steffen Roth, Assistant Professor at ESC Rennes School of Business, France, and Affiliate Professor at the Yerevan State University, Armenia

  • I would like to thank you again for the great experience being in Dublin! It was a perfect mixture of working together, exchanging ideas and getting new input. Now it's our turn to demonstrate what we learned in the workshop! :-)

    Hannah Möltner (Reinhard-Mohn-Institut für Unternehmensführung und Corporate Governance, Witten/Herdecke University), participant EECC Dublin, 2011

  • The EECC is a unique opportunity for young researchers to connect with and to grow into the scientific community. For me as a former organizer and long-time mentor it’s the number one European event where I discover the most promising academic talents. Even more valuable for me is that during the EECC I learn so much about the young scientists personal values and aspirations which we as senior researchers should carefully consider while continuously shaping our own community.

    Prof. Dr. Stefan Güldenberg, University of Lichtenstein, co-organiser of EECC in 2013.

  • I love this Early Career Colloquium because it makes me think on how I would like to design my academic career and who I would like to be networked to.
    What I like the most is the possibility of interacting with other colleagues in my situation and learning from their experiences, both personal and professional.
    It is a forum in which experienced professors sit next to you and share their insights on academic development. It is a unique possibility for creating synergies in terms of research opportunities and funding.
    I would like to highlight as well the personal outputs. I have created some really good friendships that go beyond mere professional interactions. I have visited and received visits from friends coming from different parts of Europe. It has definitely been a truly enriching experience.

    Miguel Pérez Valls, Associate Professor, University of Almeria

  • The EURAM Early Career Colloquium is a fantastic initiative providing a much needed and beneficial infrastructure for early career and emerging scholars to network, share insights and future-proof their careers. I left the EECC Innsbruck 2011 so energised and encouraged that I was delighted to subsequently organise the Dublin EECC on the theme of managing expectations. I have little doubt the EECC experience has benefited my career trajectory, and I’m sure the same is true of all participants”.

    Brian Harney, Senior Lecturer, Dublin City University Business School, EURAM National Representative for Ireland and EURAM Board Member.

Should you require more information, do not hesitate to contact Nicola Pellegrino nicola.pellegrino(at)euram.academy



EECC organisers

Huddersfield, 2020

Joanna Szulc

Nuremberg, 2019

Albrecht Fritzsche
Kathrin M. Möslein

Rome, 2018

Alessandro Zattoni

Rabat, 2017

Nacef Mouri, Steffen Roth

Halle/Saale, 2016

Anne-Katrin Neyer, Julia Müller

Krakow, 2015

Beata Jalocha

Almeria, 2014

Miguel Perez

Liechtenstein, 2013

Susanne Durst, Stefan Güldenberg

Dublin, 2012

Brian Harney

Innsbruck, 2011

Julia Müller, Dagmar Abfalter, Melanie Zaglia

Nuremberg, 2010

Anne-Katrin Neyer, Hagen Habicht, Kathrin Möslein



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