Summary of

EURAM 2018 Presidential Activities

The State of Management Research in Europe* and across the World**

Reykjavik, June 22-23, 2018


This version: February 21, 2019


The presidential activities at EURAM annual conference constitute a forum in which, at the invitation of EURAM president, the presidents (or their representatives) of other national and supra-national associations of management gather to discuss issues of importance to the field of management education, research and/or practice. 

This document summarizes the discussions among the attendees representing different scholarly associations across the world during the 2018 EURAM presidential activities on the state of management research in Europe on Thursday June 22* and across the world and Friday June 23** (Appendix 1 provides list of associations and their representatives), which took place after the answers to the key short survey questions from the perspective of each association were presented (see Appendix 2 for the survey questions)...



AAOM - Asia Academy of Management 
Annual Conference: TBA

ABIS - European Academy for Business in Society
Annual Conference: 29-30 October 2019, Berlin, Germany

ACEDE - Spanish Academy of Management
Annual Conference: 24-26 June 2020, Cartagena

AFAM - Africa Academy of Management -
Biennial Conference: 8-11 January 2020, Lagos, Nigeria

AIDEA - Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale
Annual meeting: TBA

AIMS - Association Internationale de Management Stratégique
Annual Conference: 3 au 5 juin 2020, TOulouse, France

ANPAD - Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Administração
Annual Conference: 14-17 October 2020 Porto Alegre, Brazil

ANZAM - Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management
Annual Conference: 3-6 December 2019, Cairns, New Zealand

AOM - Academy of Management
Annual Conference: 7-11 August 2020, Vancouver, Canada

ASAC - Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
Annual conference: 12-15 June 2020, Newfoundland and Labrador, St. Johns, Newfoundland

ASSIOA - Associazione Italiana dei docenti di Organizzazione Aziendale

BAM - British Academy of Management
Annual Conference: 2-4 September 2020, Manchester, UK

BMDA - Baltic Management Development Association
Annual Conference: TBA

BSPA - Behavioral Science and Policy Association
Annual Conference: TBA

CEEMAN -The International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies
Annual Conference: TBA

EASP - European Association of Social Psychology
Annual Conference:
30 June - 04 July 2020, Kraków, Poland

EAWOP - European Academy of Work and Organisational Psychology
Annual Congress: TBA   

EEA - European Economics Association
Annual Congress: TBA

EGOS - European Group of Organization Studies
Annual Conference: 2-4 July 2020, Hamburg, Germany

EIASM - European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management
Academic Council Meeting: 23 September 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

EIBA - European International Business Academy
Annual Conference: 13-15 December 2019, Leeds, UK

ESCB - European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship 
Annual Conference: 27-29 November 2019, Berlin, Germany

EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development
Annual Conference: TBA

EBHA - European Business History Association
Annual Congress: 10-12 September 2020, Nagoya, Japan

EPSA - European Political Science Association
Annual Conference: 18-20 June 2020, Prague, Czech Republic 

ESA - European Sociological Association
Annual Conference: TBA

IACMR - International Association for Chinese Management Research
Biennial Conference: 17-21 June 2020, Xi'An, PR China

IAM - Irish Academy of Management
Annual Conference: 26-28 August 2020, Dublin

IAM - Indian Academy of Management

IAM - Iberoamerican Academy of Management
Annual Conference: TBA

IFERA - International Family Enterprise Research Academy
Annual Conference: 24-26 June 2020, Santander, Spain

IFSAM - International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management
Annual Conference: 14-17 October 2020, Porto Alegre, Brazil

NFF - Nordiska Företagsekonomiska Föreningen
Conference: 15-17 August 2021, Örebro, Sweden

SFM - Société Française de Management

SIMA - Società Italiana di Management
Annual Conference: 24-26 June 2020, Pisa, Italy

SMS - Strategic Management Society
Annual Conference: 24-27 October 2020, London, UK

VHB - Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e.V.
Annual Conference: 17-20 March 2020, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany

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