1st Prize

Paris Koumbarakis, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Understanding entrepreneurial action and how organizations successfully emerge. An empirical analysis of entrepreneurial behavior, start-up activities and emergence success.
SIG: Entrepreneurship

2nd Prize

Anna Mineeva, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France

Interaction of Global and Local CSR within a Global Value Chain: the Process of Shared Value Creation
SIG: Business for Society

3rd Prize

Sarah Glännefors, Uppsala University, Sweden

The integration of qualified immigrants - a study on the relationship between intercultural interactions and individual knowledge sharing in the Swedish organizational context.  
SIG: Gender, Race and Diversity


1st Prize

Julian Boha, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Value Propositions in Service Ecosystem, SIG Innovation


2nd Prize

Meriç Bıçakcıoğlu, Bilgi University

The Social Dynamics of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: A Bourdieusian perspective, SIG Entrepreneurship


3rd Prize

Anna Plotnikova, Leeds University Business School

How open strategy processes and practices emerge and develop within a large organization? SIG Strategic Management




1st Prize

Alex Alterskye, University of Lincoln

The conceptualisation of the ‘field of entrepreneurship’ as a unit of analysis in a region, utilising an institutional logics approach


2nd Prize

Sarah Wittman, INSEAD

Identity ‘stickiness’: Why, when, and with what effects people keep identities from past work roles


3rd Prize

Rachel von Kauffmann, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mid-level Managers in Multi-national Hi-tech Organizations as Constructors of Value and Worth




1st Prize

Frano Barbic, Universitad Politecnica de Madrid

Governance in Multi-Partner Alliances


2nd Prize

Diana W.P. Kwok

An Ethno-Religious Perspective on Target Firm Personnel Trust in Cross-Border Acquisitions



3rd Prize

Nils Niehues, University of Siegen

Comparability of Carbon Figures and the Ability of Companies to send Signals to Investors




1st Prize

Michael Gaska, Unviersity of St. Gallen

Financial Challenges of Family Business and Entrepreneurial Families


2nd Prize

Paola Trevisan, Ca’Foscari University

The New Opera House meets Management: Lights and Shadows of Managerialism entering Cultural Organisations


3rd Prize

Daniel Yar Hamidi, University of Boras

Board Leadership in SMEs




1st Prize

Edoardo Olivera, University of Porto

Ageism in the workplace: stereotype threat, organizational disidentification and work disengagement among older workers


2nd Prize

Sevda Yueksek, Leuphana University Lünenburg

Emotions, Sensemaking and Sensegiving in Organizational Change: An Empirical Investigation on their Interrelationship



3rd Prize

Jamie Gloor, University of Zurich

Risky Business or Subtle Sexism? Multi-Level Assessment of Biases and Incivility in the Academic Workplace




1st Prize

Shehla Riza Arifeen, Lancaster University

Career Voices of Socially Marginalized Groups


2nd Prize

Nikolaos Smyrlakis, Bocconi University

Empirical Examination of Network Individual Antecedents and Organizational Behavior in a Global Environment: a Focus on Organizational Citizenship Behavior


3rd Prize

Marc Stickdorn, MCI Management Center

Mobile Ethnography - Towards a more user-centred and processual Ethnographic Research Method to analyse Customer Experience




1st Prize

Senada Bahto, Linnaeus University

Entrepreneurship in Wartime. Life in Sarajevo under the 1992-1996 Siege


2nd Prize

Nuno Oliveira, London School of Economics

A Theory of Coordination in Dynamic Inter-Organisational Relationships


3rd Prize

Chrstioph Seckler, Lüneberg University

Leveraging Errors to Improve Audit Quality




1st Prize

Paolo Aversa, University of Bologna

Framing the Strategic Peripheries: A Novel Typology of Suppliers


2nd Prize

Dagmar Daubner, VU University Amsterdam

Pan Exploration of Talent Management in the Era Of Diversity and Inclusion:
Uncovering the Gendered Nature of the Identification and Development pf Talent in Organizations


3rd Prize

Giovanni Radaelli, Politecnico di Milano

Determinants of Innovative Behaviours in Teams




1st Prize

René Bakker, University of Tillburg

Headed for an Empirically Derived Taxonomy of Temporary Project Networks: A Configurational Approach Toward Project-based Learning


2nd Prize

Bénédicte Buylen, Ghent University

Politician’s Use of Performance Information in Flemish Municipality


3rd Prize

Neil Turner, Cranfield School of Management

The Role of Knowledge Assets in Ambidextrous Project Learning




1st Prize

Tine Buyl, University of Antwerp

The Impact of TMT Knowledge Diversity on Long- and Short-Run Effectiveness


2nd Prize

Arto Kuuluvainen, Turku School of Economics

The Relationship between Dynamic Behaviour and the Firm and International Growth Process in SMEs


3rd Prize

Adreé Slowak, University of Hohenheim

Market Field and Industry Dynamics: From Technical Standards to Innovation Systems




1st Prize

Christoph Nedopil, IMD

The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on the Corporate Governance Environment


2nd Prize

Sabine Poralla, University of St. Gallen

Team Goal Commitment: A Case-based Theory on Emergence and Anteceding Factors


3rd Prize

David Kroon, Tilburg University

New Insights into the Relation between Social Identification and Employee Satisfaction with a Merger