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Letter from President 

Dear Colleagues,

Our research community investigates management issues and publishes new knowledge that is continuously being produced. Yet, the feedback that we receive from practitioners are mixed. While some are interested in what we do, many complain that our outputs (journal papers) are not easily readable or are not providing the practical answers - if not recipes – to what they are looking for. Many regret the “research-practice” divide that they observe, and some even claim that this divide is widening.

Obviously, all management research cannot be solely -and not even primarily- focused on addressing immediate practitioners’ needs. The research community has its own specific agenda, including building and testing new theories to bring light on the phenomena that we observe within and around organizations. Theoretical work, even when it may be distanced from practice, and novel ways of exploring issues are quite legitimate and necessary in our collective endeavour to better understand management. Yet, we also need to recognize that there are equally legitimate expectations out there, from practitioners who partake in the life of organizations.

In fact, this is nothing but the well-known tension between research activities conducted in the name of Science while publicly funded research is typically expected to contribute to application for Society.  

To address this issue, EURAM is about to launch a new initiative named EURAM SPARKS: when you, as EURAM member, have a paper presenting research results published (in EMR or another journal, or as a book chapter), you are kindly invited to write a two-pager that briefly describes the key elements of your findings specifically directed at practitioners. These two-pagers will be posted on EURAM’s internet platform, freely accessible from outside. EURAM will advertise the existence of this repository of accessible and easy-to-read short texts of the broad research results in management that our community produces.  These two-pagers drafted in plain English, while giving the reference of the full text for those readers interested in digging deeper into the matter, will specify the issue studied and why it is relevant, the target audience (e.g., industry practitioners, policy makers / Industries / Positions), the solution and/or recommendations stemming from the work, the practical implications and the expected benefits for companies or organizations. A very short section will mention how the matter was studied and the empirical evidence collected, informing about the “boundary conditions” (generalizability/applicability across contexts and time). These two-pagers will be prepared by the author(s) who will also briefly present themselves.

The EURAM SPARKS initiative intends to help close the gap between our research results and practitioners who may have an interest in reading about these results as long as they are made accessible. It will be up to each one of us to decide (or not) to make this step in their direction; it will be up to them to catch the ball that some of the members of our research community will throw at them. A simplified review process will be put in place to screen the two-pagers that will be posted.

Our colleague, Stefan Gueldenberg, EURAM VP for practice will be launching the EURAM SPARKS scheme shortly. If you are interested, you can already prepare yourself for it:  think about your past published work (recent and not so recent) and consider preparing a two-pager on the results of one of your research papers. Early 2019, Stefan Gueldenberg will specify the expected content format via a call to our membership.

You have questions about EURAM SPARKS? You need to send a message to Stefan? Do use our EURAM e-directory – a great new tool to connect within EURAM!

Season’s greetings!


Thomas Durand


Thomas Durand

President, European Academy of Management 







EURAM Grants



EURAM Research Grants Scheme

Proposals can be in the range of €3,000 to €5,000. The Submission deadline is 28 March 2019.

More Info: http://www.euram-online.org/grants-and-awards/grants/601-call-for-applications-euram-grants-scheme-announcement.html


EURAM Annual Conferences


EURAM 2019 Conference – 26-28 June 2019, ICSTE-IUL, Lisbon


First Announcement of Call for Papers: 26 September 2018

Deadline for Paper Submission: 15 January 2019 (2 pm Belgian time)

Notification of Acceptance: 20 March 2019

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 18 April 2019

Authors Registration Deadline: 25 April 2019 


Dear colleagues,

Two major topics that concern and deeply affect our society will be the focus of guest speakers at EURAM 2019: Europe, its future and its role in the world; and Artificial Intelligence as an opportunity or a threat. In both cases it is important to understand how management theories and management schools can anticipate problems and propose possible solutions.

At the time of EURAM 2019 ten years will have passed on the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon, the latest European Union Treaty signed by its member states. In the meanwhile, nationalist ideas have surged and blossomed all over the world and also within Europe, Brexit will be a reality in 2019, the United States exhibit erratic policies and China stealthily but consistently realizes its Belt and Road Initiative. All of these are powerful ingredients to alter the existing economic order. Theories of management are closely connected with society evolvement and stem from the subjects and concerns that continuously shape and change it. It is only natural that EURAM 2019 will devote space and time to allow reflections on these ten years and on the meaning of the many happenings therein. What will the future of Europe be? Will it disaggregate or reemerge stronger and more united? How can management contribute?

Artificial Intelligence and its consequences on the way society is organized is another main guest speaker topic. Is AI an opportunity or a threat for human kind? To which extent can management theories explore the opportunities and minimize the threats?

Both of these subjects: reshaping the EU and developing or containing AI deeply affect the future of all of us and we count on you in Lisbon to contribute to this ongoing reflection.  

Looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

Nelson Santos António
EURAM 2019 Conference Chair





EURAM 2020 Conference – 17-19 June 2020, Trinity Business School, Dublin



EURAM Doctoral Colloquia

24-25 June 2019, ICSTE-IUL, Lisbon


Deadline for Submission to Doctoral Colloquium: 22 January 2019

Notification of Acceptance: 14 March 2019

Deadline for Registration: 18 April 2019


EURAM Early Career Colloquium

Celebrating 10 years of networking and career building in European Management Research

Dates: 27 February - 1 March 2019

Next year, the EURAM Early Career Community celebrates the 10th anniversary of its annual colloquium to support emerging talents in business and management studies. EECC 2019 will take place from February 27th to March 1st in Nuremberg, Germany, hosted by Friedrich-Alexander University. It provides early career scholars with the opportunity to present their research, get advice and mentorship from leading scholars in the field, expand their professional network, and plan their future path in academia. In addition to paper presentations and individual research development sessions, EECC 2019 will put specific emphasis on international project collaboration, career options in Europe and exchange with industry.

Notifications will be sent out before January 15th, 2019.

For further details and updates, please visit the EECC website at http://www.euramonline.org/annual-euram-ecc.html


European Management Review – Permanent Sections

Methodology Corner



Xenophobia Monitor



Open Positions

 Job opportunities

Most recent posting: http://www.euramonline.org/all-job-posting

Job Title


Closing Date

Dean, Sprott School of Business

Laverne Smith & Associates Inc.


Faculty position in Project Management and Operations Management

Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa 02-15-2019

Assistant Professor (tenure track)

Tilburg University


RESEARCH ASSISTANT / ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in the Department of Business Strategy headed by professor Krzysztof Obłój, Ph.D.

Kozminski University


Multiple Academic Positions - Department Of Management And Marketing

University of Melbourne


Assistant / Associate Professor

University of the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Spain)


Full Professor for Digital Markets

Technical University Berlin




Awards and Grants

Dr. Terri R. Lituchy (PhD University of Arizona) is a Distinguished Chair and Professor at CETYS Universidad.  She is a Fulbright Scholar (2018- 2020) in the Eastern Caribbean for her research on LEAD: Leadership Effectiveness in Africa and the Diaspora.  She has also recently received a SAMS grant for a workshop in Tanzania for the Africa part of the LEAD project.


Miązek Amadeusz has successfully applied for the National Science Centre in Poland PRELUDIUM grant this year. His research project is about the individual and situational determinants of managerial risk in Polish companies - whether they affect strategy practice and thus, whether the supervisory board motivational policies are efficient in the context of developing economy. More information can be found on the webpage dedicated to the project: https://projekty.ncn.gov.pl/index.php?s=15045  as well as in the description in English shown below.
Attachments: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5be5f1701d046-378011-en.pdf


We would like to invite you to nominate recent empirical research papers or books for the Responsible Research in Management Award (joint between the RRBM and IACMR). These should reflect the highest standards of rigour and relevance.
This year’s review process includes both highly accomplished scholars and senior executives at leading global companies. We are excited, through this award, to identify exemplars of research studies that build strong links between practice and academia toward better outcomes for all of society.
Please go to the RRBM or IACMR websites to view the details on the nomination criteria and process.By calling attention to responsible research, we hope to institutionalize the value of being responsible in our research to both science and society.
We look forward to your nominations!
Anne S. Tsui
Co-founder, RRBM and Founding President, IACMR Neng Liang The 8th President, IACMR



Books, Journals & Publications

We welcome you to explore a new Guest Issue of International Studies of Management & Organization (2018, vol. 48, no. 3; ABS: 2*) on cross-cultural management research (CCM). 
The Guest Issue demonstrates that silenced and/or neglected voices exist in CCM research. 13 different cross-cultural and international management scholars are advancing and theorising aforesaid voices by challenging the status quo in CCM research and the underlying assumptions.
url: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/mimo20/48/3?nav=tocList
Guest Issue Co-Editors – David Guttormsen (BI Norwegian Business School) and Jakob Lauring (Aarhus University)


We invite you to submit a chapter for a forthcoming book publication entitled Strategic Business Models to Support Demand, Supply, and Destination Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry to be published by IGI Global.
As one of the world’s largest economic sectors, Travel & Tourism creates jobs, drives exports, and generates prosperity across the world. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, the sector is shown to account for 10.4% of global GDP and 313 million jobs, or 9.9% of total employment, in 2017.
This book aims to address the main issues of interest in the tourism sector. In particular, this book will emphasize emergent and innovative aspects of tourism and hospitality in what respects demand, supply and destination management.
For more information go to https://www.igi-global.com/publish/call-for-papers/call-details/3496


International Perspectives on Organizational Behaviour (Punnett, B.J., 2019) 4th edition is now available from Routledge/Taylor & Francis. The book examines the international, cross-cultural environment faced by international firms, detailing how this environment affects behavior at both the individual and organizational levels. Clearly written and concise, it helps students of international organizational behavior and cross-cultural management classes understand the many differences that managers face when operating cross-nationally, and provides them with practical tools to tackle these differences. For more information visit: www.routledge.com/9781138497191


Managing in Developing Countries (Punnett, B.J., 2018) 2nd edition is also available from Routledge/Taylor & Francis. It aims to fill an important gap in the literature – the lack of materials that speak to the special circumstances in developing countries. The book is an ideal text for introductory courses on management being taught in Africa and elsewhere throughout the developing world. Punnett identifies the characteristics, such as limited resources and varying cultural values, common to developing countries, and explores how these impact on the functions of management and the activities of managers in these countries. The book contains a wealth of information for managers in these countries; it draws on research wherever possible, and at the same time it is written in a straightforward style that makes it eminently readable. www.routledge.com/9781138636385 


The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Discourse Analysis. The book has just been passed on from Routledge’s Editorial Assistant to the production team and should be published in the early 2019. 


Call for papers for a Special Issue on Business Models and SMEs in the Journal of Business Research. This Special Issue aims to examine the usefulness, relevance and appropriateness of business model tools and concepts for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Online submission is now open. Deadline for submission is 29th February 2019.


Ambivalence in Mentorship (Routledge, 2018) is based on research of scores of mentors and protégés in longstanding relationships across career fields. Using case narratives, the book takes a nuanced look at the emotional complexities of their mentorships—the intense passions and hopes that get stirred up in these professional, yet intimate connections as well as the turmoil created by disappointment, betrayal, competition, and the mere readiness to move on.
Situating mentorship at the crosshairs of authority and love, the book highlights the interplay of intrapsychic, interpersonal, cultural, and historical forces that drive this relationship to be at once vital and risky. Professionals in social science, business, and management fields will welcome the book for its fresh perspective and voice it gives to both the joys and complicated feelings that attend mentorship.
Attachments: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5be58593a9eaa-AuthorPoster_AmbivalenceinMentorship_11x17.pdf


New Book Publication: The Disruptive Power of Online Education: Challenges, Opportunities, Responses https://books.emeraldinsight.com/page/detail/the-disruptive-power-of-online-education-andreas-altmann/?k=9781787543263
Editors: Andreas Altmann, Bernd Ebersberger, Claudia Mössenlechner, & Desiree Wieser
MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria
Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Attachments: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5bec21bd66440-TheDisruptivePowerofOnlineEducation-2.pdf


Mapping a Winning Strategy introduces a new mapping method for creating and executing an effective business strategy. This method uses visual maps to engage colleagues throughout the organization, ensuring that every stakeholder’s voice is considered by avoiding a top-down approach. It enables business leaders to identify the strategic issues and address them successfully. By mapping out the most effective strategy, organizations can anticipate and manage roadblocks to strategic change and make winning and well-executed operational choices. The Mapping Method builds on best practices in strategy. We draw on insights from leading strategic thinkers, the ‘structured problem solving’ method introduced by McKinsey & Company and the scientific method. The use of issue hypotheses and strategy hypotheses offers a smart way to experiment and learn under uncertainty. 
Attachments: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5bec46fe916ec-NEWBOOKANNOUNCEMENTBaaijReinmoeller.docx


We would like to promote the new book series "Entrepreneurial Behaviour" edited by Andrea Caputo and Massimiliano M. Pellegrini published by Emerald. The series launched a call for chapters linked to the track of the ENT SIG "ST03_03 - Entrepreneurial Decision Making and Behaviour". In addition, it also welcomes proposals for monographies, short and edited books on the topic. More information about specific topics and contacts are retrievable at:
We would also like to announce the acceptance of a special issue on Management decision on the same topic (deadline 15th of October 2019).
Kind regards
Massimiliano Matteo Pellegrini and Andrea Caputo


“New Frontiers for Productivity Research in Management and Business” (Special Issue of BRQ-Business Research Quarterly, vol. 21(4), 2018). Edited by Emili Grifell-Tatjé (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and C.A. Knox Lovell (The University of Queensland).
This Special Issue will spark the interest of readers in learning about business performance measurement methodologies and their considerable potential for guiding management practices and enhancing business performance, however it may be measured. Some papers adopt the econometric approach to analyze business performance, others adopt the mathematical programming approach, and all are compatible with both approaches. Some papers examine variants of productive efficiency, some examine competitiveness and some examine financial performance. In the final paper, ‘‘The Business Foundations of Social Economic Progress’’, Grifell-Tatjé, Lovell and Turon extend business performance measurement beyond the boundaries of an individual business to the society in which it operates, and develop an approach that shares some features with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) literature.
More Info: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/brq-business-research-quarterly/vol/21/issue/4


Special Issue Call for Papers - Journal of Business Ethics
Business Ethics in the Post-Communist Societies of Central and Eastern Europe
Submission Deadline for Full Papers: Friday 1 November 2019

Guest Editors: Anna Soulsby, Nottingham University Business School, U.K. (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); Anna Remišová, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thomas Steger, University of Regensburg, Germany.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Details may be found at: https://www.springer.com/philosophy/ethics+and+moral+philosophy/journal/10551/PSE?detailsPage=press


Castañer, X. and M. Ketokivi (forthcoming). “Towards a Theory of Organizational Integration”. In the new issue of Advances in Strategic Management on Organization Design. Editors: John Joseph, Oliver Baumann, Richard Burton and Kannan Srikanth. Emerald.


Castañer, X. and Kavadis, N. (forthcoming). Institutions, governance and strategy in a changing global landscape: The case of boards of directors in large listed firms in France. Gabrielson, J., Yamak, S, and Khlif, W. (eds). Research Handbook on Boards of Directors. Edward Elgar.


Iovino, F., Migliaccio, G., (in press), Financial Dynamics Of Energy Companies During Global Economic Crisis,  International Journal of Business and Globalisation, http://www.inderscience.com/info/ingeneral/forthcoming.php?jcode=ijbg


Iovino, F., Migliaccio, G., (in press), Mobile marketing and strategy by energy companies, International Journal of Public Sector and Performance Management, http://www.inderscience.com/info/ingeneral/forthcoming.php?jcode=ijpspm



Recent Appointments

Asmaa HIDKI will be embarking in a  new role as ´ An Associate member ´ of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics ( FCI) in UK by submitting her application to the scientific committee this year 2018. 
Over the past year, the FCI  have grown to a membership of 151 Fellows and elected our first Council and Officers in UK - The Faculty of Clinical Informatics has been established as the UK professional membership body for all clinical informaticians, including health and social care professionals, and we are looking to build upon the number of all professional groups within the organisation. - Key objectives for the Faculty over the next year include; establishing clinical informatics as a recognised profession, developing professional standards, supporting revalidation, providing training and accreditation for individuals and courses, and supporting recruitment and careers in clinical informatics.
More details, visit :https://www.facultyofclinicalinformatics.org.uk/.


Research Networks and Centres

The House of Public Affairs of Université Paris-Dauphine was launched in January 2017. Université Paris-Dauphine-PSL, the first French University in the top 50 best universities of the Times Educational Supplement’s World University Ranking 2019, positions itself as a leading international institution in the Organization and Decision Sciences. With recognized expertise in management, its multidisciplinary approach to research and curriculum make it a natural player in the Public Affairs sphere.
The immediate goal of the House of Public Affairs is to raise awareness and understanding of Public Affairs as a field and promote the university’s unique expertise in the area by engaging in cross-disciplinary academic and research initiatives, and by building as many bridges as possible with the public sector and its players.
To know more: https://www.dauphine.fr/en/universite/paris-dauphines-houses/house-of-public-affairs.html
Attachments: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5be57a1a86610-DocHPAforEURAM091118.docx


Take a look at the new website of the Humanistic Management Network under www.humanisticmanagement.network. We are a global network, registered as a Swiss association that lives, works and acts through local chapters and collaborations around the globe.
Our purpose is to encourage, promote and support economic activities and business conduct that demonstrate unconditional respect for the dignity of life. We have first positioned Dignity as foundational for Humanistic Management in the Introduction to Humanistic Management in Practice (2010) and are since working towards strengthening the positive impact of business towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet. 
If you want to learn more about any aspect of our activities, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest chapter or our head office via our website.



New SoloENTRE Project for Digital Growth Management
The newly launched SoloENTRE project aims to strengthen entrepreneurial orientation and create new business service models aimed at micro- and solo-entrepreneurs. New entrepreneurial ways of working and digitalization make micro-companies adopt new technologies and remodel their business. Innovative delivery of business advisory services is needed for entrepreneurs and people who are planning entrepreneurship. The project creates a digital business service platform where entrepreneurs can manage their business growth. After the project, micro-entrepreneurs act in entrepreneurially affirmative environment and they have access to new 24/7 business services online.
The SoloENTRE project is funded by the Council of Oulu Region and European Regional Development Fund. It is coordinated by the Micro-Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence MicroENTRE at the University of Oulu, 
Finland. See: https://www.oulu.fi/ksi-eng/microentre


MicroEntrepreneurship Center of Excellence MicroENTRE launched.
The newly established MicroENTRE offers research, development and education services to support the business growth and internationalization of micro-enterprises. The centre operates as part of the Kerttu Saalasti Institute at the University of Oulu in Finland. The goal is to be a leading partner of research, development and education experiments and projects lifting micro‐entrepreneurship expertise to the next level nationally and internationally.
The new generation of micro‐entrepreneurs change the current view about the growth and export potential of the micro‐enterprises. MicroENTRE coordinates a rapidly growing enterprise-driven growth and export peer-to-peer network. In addition, the centre helps to create growing and internationalizing business among micro‐enterprises. The centre promotes business service renewal in co-operation with the R&D and education partners.
More information: https://www.oulu.fi/ksi-eng/microentre



Scholarship and Doctoral Theses

Barnard, Art - As part of his research on International Entrepreneurship, he has been looking at a specific group of self-initiated expatriates in Germany, so-called 'expatriate entrepreneurs' or EXPs. As work progresses, he is finding evidence that this expatriate group may be further subdivided into previously unidentified groups of entrepreneurial activity. These findings are not only driving publishable work outside of his thesis but also creating a stream of future research into a relatively understudied area. He is looking for academics specializing in International Entrepreneurship in Germany or Europe in general to provide input on the state of knowledge and insights into the findings of this research. Any interested parties, please contact him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Barreda, Marlene - Research in control has shown that the French hospital has undergone profound changes, notably through the introduction of accountability. Compliance with institutional pressure drives organizations to move towards new tools and principles that reinforce their external legitimacy. The same literature has shown that accountability infiltrates the medical sphere and that a new phenomenon occurs: doctors adopt hybridization role. The administrative sphere is no exception and is also subject to coercive pressure. The aim of our thesis is to contribute to this literature by analyzing the intra-organizational effects and roles of accountability on the medical logic in the French public hospital sector. To analyze these effects, we focus on accountability mechanisms such as information reporting (i.e. financial audit, budget practice). 


Holohan, James had his PhD thesis titled "An exploration of how the alignment of business and information systems strategies is practiced by information systems managers in Ireland's Institutes of Technology" accepted by Trinity College Dublin in September 2018.
The primary contribution of the study is the development of a mid-range theory in the form of a strategy-as-practice based taxonomy, depicting how the alignment of business and information systems strategies is practiced by information systems managers in Ireland's Institutes of Technology.  



Workshops & Conferences

The 2018 Sixth Annual Humanistic Management Conference took place on October 1st – 2nd in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), India, hosted by CMR University. 
Well placed in one of the world's leading tech hubs the theme of the conference was Technology, Sustainability, Humanity. 
The aim of this conference was to enhance our understanding of the relationship between technology and Humanistic Management and provide a platform for exchange to our highly esteemed speakers, guests and conference delegates. In addition, we launched the India Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network on the October 2nd, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most impactful voices of a life in dignity for all. 
You can find more information on the conference under: http://humanisticmanagement.network/conference2018/ 


10-12 April 2019 - The next edition of CEEMAN’s Program Management Seminar will be taking place from 10-12 April 2019 in Bled, Slovenia. Through group discussions, briefings by experts, and case analyses of problems encountered in business schools’ daily routines, this seminar will cover many topics: 

  • building a positive learning environment,
  • understanding target markets,
  • delivering high-level customer satisfaction,
  • dealing with difficult participants,
  • post-program activities,
  • alumni relations,
  • and much more!

The registration is open and we would be happy to see you or your colleagues joining the seminar. Register now or find out more at www.ceeman.org/pms.


14-15 May 2019 - The Second Global Conference on Creating Value Gabelli School of Business - Fordham University  - Lincoln Center Campus, New York City
Where The World Value Creators Meet
A major conference for business leaders and academics to assess and co-create how to build ‘value’ in a turbulent 21st century global economy.
A galaxy of speakers such as Philip Kotler, Raj Sisodia of Conscious Capitalism, Dana Brown, Pro Vice-Chancellor, DMU. Eric Almquist, Bain & Co., Russ Klein, CEO American marketing Association.
Please submit your paper abstracts to CREATINGVALUE.CO on Value Creation for the Future of Business and Society
Paper submissions close: Feb 15, 2019
Also submit papers to the Journal of Creating Value, jcv.sagepub.com


20-24 May 2019 - We are delighted to invite you to attend the first edition of “Summer School in Qualitative Research Methods” that will be organised in Pisa (Italy), the next 20th-24th May 2019. The purpose of this course is to introduce PhD students and junior faculty to the diversity of ways of conducting qualitative research. The course will cover the full cycle of a qualitative research project; from design, to data collection, analysis, reporting and disseminating. The deadline of the application is 18th March 2019. More details are available at: https://qualitativerm.ec.unipi.it/


27-28 May 2019 - NIKOS-ESIM of the University Twente is proud to host the 2019 edition of the High-Tech Small Firms conference, in a consortium with colleagues from RUG, VUAmsterdam, and Univ. Leeds. HTSF is a “boutique” conference, small but very specialized on HTSF topics. This long-standing conference on HTSF topics invites early-stage and competitive papers from the entrepreneurship research scene. 
We invite papers on themes relevant to technology and science entrepreneurship, business creation and growth, entrepreneurial ecosystems, social entrepreneurship, university-industry collaboration, and entrepreneurship education. Particular emphasis is given to papers on entrepreneurship and digital transformation of business, economy, and society.
For more information see the website at https://www.utwente.nl/en/bms/nikos/events/HTSF2019/ or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rainer Harms (for the organizing committee)


30-31 May 2019 - We are pleased to invite you to participate in the  7th International Conference on Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability – IMES 2019, which will take place on May 30 – 31, 2019 at the University of Economics in Prague.
The deadline for full paper submission is January 14, 2019. Submitted manuscripts will undergo a double-blind peer review process. 
The accepted ones will be published in Conference proceedings which will be submitted to Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) which is integrated index within Web of Science. Nevertheless, the authors might also present their work without getting published in the proceedings.
We gladly announce internationally recognised keynote speakers who confirmed their participation: Martina Musteen, Ilan Alon, Arnim Wiek, Søren Salomo, and Andrew Burke
Attachments: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5be5a3ef22eba-Call-for-papers-2019VerzeI.pdf


5-7 June 2019 - Call For Papers / Posters
Media Management and Actionable Knowledge: The Relationship between Theory and Practice
2019 Annual Conference of the European Media Management Association (emma)
Hosted by Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), Cyprus
Deadline for abstract submission: 31 January, 2019.
Early career researcher emma conference grants available


16-27 June 2019 - IMTA 2019 - International Management Teachers Academy – registration open!
CEEMAN's International Management Teachers Academy (IMTA) provides a unique opportunity for young faculty to develop their curricula, course design, teaching materials and particularly teaching skills and methods. The program is heavily based on the case method, including teaching with cases, case writing, and performance evaluation and feedback to students. It is also designed to improve competences and skills integral to specific managerial disciplines and interdisciplinary teaching, and provides input essential in other areas of a faculty member's professional life, such as consulting, institution development and administration, and social responsibility. 
Registration for the next edition, taking place from 16-27 June 2019 in Bled, Slovenia is open! Register now or learn more at www.ceeman.org/imta.  


26-28 June 2019 - EURAM 2019 - A new track on the Collaborative Economy is born in the SIG 03 – Entrepreneurship. The track’s identity is:  T03_08 - Entrepreneurship in the sharing economy: P2P strategies, models, and innovation paradigms.
Examples of platforms in the collaborative economy abound: Kickstarter, Indiegogo in enterprising; Kiva, Zopa, Prosper in funding; eBay, Amazon, Craigslist in trading; eHarmony, Match in dating; Airbnb, Home Exchange in hoteling, Carpooling, Rideshare in transportation and many more.
Different international institutions support this track. Papers on this fast-growing research topic are welcome.
For more information visit http://www.euramonline.org/component/phocadownload/category/43-2019-conference.html?download=754:cfp-2019
And correspond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


27-29 June 2019 - Call for Contributions - "Flexible working arrangements – boundary work or boundless work?" [Critical Management Studies Conference (stream 11)]
Stream conveners:
Dr Michal Izak, University of Roehampton
Dr Stefanie Reissner, University of Newcastle
Dr Sytze F. Kingma, VU Amsterdam
The past decades have witnessed an increase in flexible working practices, which have been largely induced by advances in mobile information and communication technologies. Recently, the predominance - and at times extremes - of flexible working has triggered backlash. As such, the risk of flexible working becoming ‘boundless’ is increasingly being recognized and addressed. Please visit http://business-school.open.ac.uk/events/11th-international-critical-management-studies-conference and see stream 11 for the full list of themes which we intend to explore.
Please submit a 500-1000 word abstract (excluding references) together with your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by January 31st 2019.
Attachments http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5beec8ce6bfbe-11_CMSsub-theme-Flexibleworkingarrangements_IZAK_etal.docx


7-9 July 2019 - Asmaa HIDKI. She will be an invited speaker to the conference that serves as an international platform for meeting researchers from around the world, widen professional contact and create new opportunities, establishing new collaborations.— ´ Exploring  clinical potential through technology and innovations’. The 2nd world congress conference in Biomedical engineering and Management taking place on 7-9 July 2019.
The aim of the Biomedical Engineering-2019 is to promote quality research and real-world impact in an atmosphere of true international cooperation between scientists and engineers by bringing together again the world class researchers, international communities and industrial heads to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the field of Biomedical Engineering. 


News from Affiliated Societies

Affiliated Organisations’ Activities 

ACEDE 2019

ANZAM 2018 - Announcement



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