Dear EURAM colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the Third (2019-2020) annual “Responsible Research in Management” award, jointly sponsored by IACMR and RRBM. We invite you to nominate empirical research papers or books (published in the last five years) that exemplify the seven principles of responsible research. We are excited, through this award, to identify exemplars of research studies that build strong links between practice and academia toward better outcomes for all of society.  

Please visit either or for details of the nomination criteria and nomination procedure. A PDF file of the Call for Nominations is attached to this email for your convenience. Please share this exciting opportunity by forwarding this email and the attached PDF file to your colleagues and friends.

Nomination deadline is November 15, 2019. 

We look forward to your nominations to honor the high quality and meaningful research conducted by your colleagues or yourself. 


Anne S. Tsui 
Co-founder, RRBM and Founding President, IACMR

Raymond Friedman
The 8th President, IACMR 

Eryue Teng & Kaixian Mao & Danyang Zhu
Research Assistants, IACMR/RRBM awards



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