Call for papers for a Special Issue

on Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management (IF 5.513)


Guest Editors:
Robert Engle (Nobel laureate in Economics in 2003), Honorary Guest Editor, NYU Stern School of Business;
Marina Brogi, Sapienza University of Rome;
Nicola Cucari, University of Salerno and Pegaso University;
Valentina Lagasio, Sapienza University of Rome.



The number of firms that employ sustainability strategies and disclose Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) information is growing worldwide, as fast as ESG concerns are increasing (Engle, Giglio, Kelly, Lee, & Stroebel, 2019). As pointed out by Larry Fink, Blackrock Chairman and CEO, in his 2019 letter to the CEOs of portfolio companies, “unnerved by fundamental economic changes and the failure of government to provide lasting solutions, society is increasingly looking to companies, both public and private, to address pressing social and economic issues. […] Environmental, social, and governance issues will be increasingly material to corporate valuations.” Moreover, in the recent months, the CEOs of nearly 200 companies said that shareholder value is no longer their main objective and are abandoning the long‐held view that shareholders' interests should come first (Business Roundtable, 2019), bearing in mind that “most CEOs want to do the right thing by all their stakeholders, and most shareholders want to support them in being responsible” (Summers, 2019). This rethinking of purpose is in line with an increasing number of companies that have voluntarily integrated social and environmental policies in their business model and operations, reporting their environmental and social performance, in addition to their financial performance disclosure (Serafeim, 2014).

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