On 14th and 15th September the 38th Conference of the AIDEA “Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale” (Italian Academy of Business Administration) was held in Rome (Italy).

Around 600 participants, 240 papers presentations and a change of the Statutes characterized this event.  Papers were selected through a double blind review process that involved many members of the Academy.

The conference theme “new trends in business administration studies” is a reminiscence of of the  famous speech that the “father” of “Economia aziendale” (Business Administration), Gino Zappa, held in Venice in 1926 for the opening of the academic year. So the conference has been a way to celebrate the foundation of the field in Italy. Business Administration, in fact, was developed from accounting studies and AIDEA originally was an association of accountants. 

The AIDEA Conference was hosted by the Università Roma Tre and the gala dinner (with around 500 participants) took place at Palazzo Brancaccio, a wonderful Patrician palace built around the end of the 19th century.

The Conference was also an opportunity to celebrate 20 years of the Journal of Management and Governance through the symposium “Emerging issues in management and governance in the paradoxical age of globalization: a low growth-rate world economy, hyper-change and sustainability”.

Thanks to its new Statutes, AIDEA will have a stronger role as a coordinator of initiatives to realize advancement in management research together with all the other scientific societies that represent scholars in the different sub-fields of Business and Management studies (those that represent accounting, strategy and management, finance, OB scholars so as scholars focused on Public Administration, Banks and financial intermediaries, accounting history studies).


Università Roma Tre
Università Roma Tre
Palazzo Brancaccio  



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