The 25th CEEMAN Annual Conference “Rethinking Entrepreneurship – Challenges for Management Education in Rising Economies” took place in Hangzhou, China, from 20-22 September, hosted by School of Management, Zhejiang University.


CEEMAN President Prof. Danica Purg and Chinese hosts

CEEMAN President Prof. Danica Purg and Chinese hosts


The conference brought together more than 133 participants from 31 different countries around the world who had a chance to hear some of the most prominent management and leadership professors, businessmen and entrepreneurs from China and all around the world speak on how to teach entrepreneurship and what are the management needs in rising economies.      

During the two day event numerous sessions and panels gave an opportunity to hear different perspectives on the topic of entrepreneurship and challenges of management education, with keynote speakers from academia and business from all over the world. The conference was an insightful exchange of ideas and perspectives that met China and the rest of the world, and we had a lot of opportunities to learn from each other.   
For more info:  http://www.ceeman.org/news/25th-ceeman-annual-conference-concluded-with-a-great-success

On a preconference day participants also had a chance to visit Chinese most successful companies such as Alibaba, Geely or Wensly. The company visits gave a unique opportunity to look inside these companies that represent Chinese economic growth and entrepreneurial revival.

On the last day we did some sightseeing of Hangzhou which lies in Zhejiang province, and it is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. It was a very interesting cultural experience.

Official part of CEEMAN Annual Conference came to an end with CEEMAN Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony, where certificates were delivered to new CEEMAN members, schools that have acquired the IQA Accreditation, and to the winners of the 23rd CEEMAN Case Writing Competition organized in cooperation with Emerald Group Publishing and 2017 CEEMAN Champion Awards recipients. 

CEEMAN IQA Director Dr. Alenka Braček Lalić and CEEMAN Accreditation Committee President Prof. Derek Abell presented IQA Accreditation System. With IQA CEEMAN accredits the schools for its relevance and excellence in management education.  We believe there is no one shoe-fits all in management education, and additionally to seeking globally recognized standards of excellence, we give special importance on relevance in management education. We believe in management education that support society.  http://www.ceeman.org/accreditation

With IMTA – International Management Teachers Academy, CEEMAN also teaches teachers of new trends and perspectives in teaching and learning, so that professors can return to the class the better versions of themselves. http://www.ceeman.org/programs-events/imta-international-management-teachers-academy

The 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference “Re-defining Management Education: Excellence and Relevance” will take pace in Prague, Czech Republic from 19-21 September 2018.

For more information see our webpage; www.ceeman.org




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