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Letter from President 

As I am taking over EURAM’s presidency, let me congratulate Sibel Yamak for her great leadership. Thanks to her hard work and efforts with the members of the Executive Committee, the house is in order and on the move. EURAM 2018 Annual Conference was a great success! We had record number of participants for both the regular conference programme and doctoral colloquium! We are all thankful to our Local Organising Committee, Conference Programme Committee, Doctoral Colloquium Chairs, our reviewers and all our SIGs who did a superb job in dealing with over 2000 submissions.

I intend to work in continuity with what Sibel Yamak and her team has done.

Let me summarise what I see as key points of a strategy for EURAM, starting by expressing our mission.

The European Academy of Management aims at developing Management Research and Education to improve knowledge and practice about how to lead organised collective action. EURAM was founded to build a community of engaged management scholars valuing the European culture and research traditions as many European (and non-European) management academics were looking for an academy where they would feel more at home than in other existing management learned societies.

To serve its purpose and its various stakeholders, it may be worth expressing our strategic intents at EURAM. 

1-EURAM promotes diversity in its widest sense, in a friendly and professional forum.

EURAM promotes variety of all sorts, e.g. in research topics for scholarly enquiry, methodologies, forms of organisations, publication format and types of journals, languages used, audience targeted, etc. This has very strong implications. Among other things, this implies that EURAM supports Excellence in Research of all sorts and from a variety of perspectives, not just that captured by standard metrics such as rankings and journal lists. EURAM is about contributing and exchanging novel ideas in a friendly atmosphere among rigorous, innovative professional scholars.

2-EURAM is embedded in European Values and intends to remain so while reaching in and out.

EURAM has a natural base in Europe and embraces a variety of cultures and languages. It is connected to the national learned societies and academies in Europe while reaching out for the world.  This means that EURAM is listening carefully and respectfully to other perspectives on management while sharing its members’ contribution and experience in return.

3-EURAM intends to better connect management academia, including research, to practice.

EURAM acts to bridge the widening gap between management scholars and management practitioners. EURAM creates vehicles that permit interaction between both worlds of research and practice, while contributing to protect research from undue pressures that may arise from third parties.

4-EURAM intends to better connect research to management education.

EURAM acts to better connect production and dissemination of new knowledge. This means articulating management research and education. Undergraduate management education, MBA vs MSc in management, DBA, Life-long learning or distant learning / e-learning are typical topics of interest. Although diversity is of the essence, EURAM recognises that Education is a key pillar among the three main contributions of academic life (research, education, institutional engagement).

5-EURAM intends to help management academics also serve society at large.

EURAM acts to serve the needs of society by contributing to some of the public debates where a point of view informed by management research may bring value. EURAM acts to promote education, scholarly enquiry and actions contributing to public good, wellbeing in society and inclusiveness.

6-EURAM offers an array of services and activities to the members.

EURAM provides services and activities (a platform to foster interaction; training and meeting opportunities at the conference, Early Career Colloquium, Doctoral colloquium, Research Directors Programme; Strategic Interest Groups; Awards; e-Directory; EMR; Research Grants and similar services to be developed according to needs expressed and/or identified.)

7-EURAM influences the rules of the game by producing soft law for our academic community

The rules of the game that increasingly prevail in and around Business Schools tend to severely constrain our academic activities (for the good to a certain extent, and for the bad to a significant extent). EURAM intends to influence the future evolution of these rules to favor diversity and openness. This is done by producing soft law in the form of EURAM position papers that discuss an issue (e.g. the format of a PhD dissertation; the importance of publishing books not just papers; how to deal with plagiarism; how to contribute to promote responsible research and research integrity; etc.)

8-EURAM offers a voice for the Management academic community

EURAM intends to develop a presence in the media, in government and in business circles to convey its messages, generate awareness for the issues it raises, generate recognition for its contribution and resources for its activities.

Along those lines, summarised below, we have plenty to do.

Durand EURAM scheme



I very much look forward to interacting with you.

In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful summer holiday.

Thomas Durand


Thomas Durand

President, European Academy of Management 






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EURAM Annual Conferences

EURAM 2019 Conference – 26-28 June 2019, ICSTE-IUL, Lisbon


Topic/Symposium Proposals Submission: 3 July 2018

First Announcement of Call for Papers: 26 September 2018

Deadline for Paper Submission: 15 January 2019 (2 pm Belgian time)

Notification of Acceptance: 20 March 2019

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 18 April 2019

Authors Registration Deadline: 25 April 2019


EURAM 2020 Conference – 17-19 June 2020, Trinity Business School, Dublin



EURAM Doctoral Colloquia

24-25 June 2019, ICSTE-IUL, Lisbon


Deadline for Submission to Doctoral Colloquium: 22 January 2019

Notification of Acceptance: 14 March 2019

Deadline for Registration: 18 April 2019


EURAM Early Career Colloquium

Celebrating 10 years of networking and career building in European Management Research

Dates: 27 February - 1 March 2019

Next year, the EURAM Early Career Community celebrates the 10th anniversary of its annual colloquium to support emerging talents in business and management studies. EECC 2019 will take place from February 27th to March 1st in Nuremberg, Germany, hosted by Friedrich-Alexander University. It provides early career scholars with the opportunity to present their research, get advice and mentorship from leading scholars in the field, expand their professional network, and plan their future path in academia. In addition to paper presentations and individual research development sessions, EECC 2019 will put specific emphasis on international project collaboration, career options in Europe and exchange with industry. Deadline for paper submission will be in December.

For further details and updates, please visit the EECC website at http://www.euramonline.org/annual-euram-ecc.html


European Management Review – Special Issues

Bohemian like you? Managing people and organizations in creative industries

Deadline for full paper submissions: October 31, 2018





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Open Positions

 Job opportunities

Read more: http://www.euramonline.org/all-job-posting


Most recent posting 

Job Title Company Closing Date
PhD in Management Institut de l'entreprise 07-15-2018
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Digitial Analytics T&R or T&S (Ref.No. SS1381) University of Kent 07-22-2018
Short-term Research Scholarship for international Postdocs in Technology and Innovation Management Technical University Berlin 08-01-2018
Full professorship in Business Administration, especially Marketing Faculty of Law, Economics and Business, School of Economics and Business of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg 10-01-2018
Dean, Sprott School of Business Laverne Smith & Associates Inc. 06-27-2019
Organizational Behavior and Leadership ESADE Business School Posting Always Open
Position in Human Resource Management ESADE Business School Posting Always Open
Dean, Ted Rogers School of Management Ryerson University Posting Always Open
Dean, Sprott School of Business Carleton University Posting Always Open
Professor of Strategy and Innovation Leonardo Da Vinci Business School (EMLV) Posting Always Open


MSCA - IF - Postdoc Position: Addressing the gender gap on top corporate positions
USP-CEU, a young university founded in Madrid, is looking for a highly motivated candidate to apply for MSCA-IF-2018 calls, to participate in a research project to address the gender gap on top corporate positions, analyzing the main barriers and obstacles the growing number of highly skilled women face in their way up the corporate ladder. Additionally, it pursues to analyze the effectiveness of the specific instruments and actions carried out by the Member States of the European Union to promote the representation of women in leadership positions. 
An expression of interest shall be sent to Ruth Mateos de Cabo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), before 10th of July 2018. 
Detailed information could be found in the following links:



Recently completed doctoral thesis, Mariia Ostapchuk, "Determinants of market uptake of innovation in a situation of uncertainty about environmental and health risks: From BPA to nanotechnology", under the supervision of Claire AUPLAT (Novancia Business School and Université Paris Dauphine) and Pierre BOUCARD (INERIS). 
The PhD committee was: Jean-Yves BOTTERO (CEREGE-CNRS), Albert DAVID (Université Paris Dauphine), Pascal LE MASSON (Mines ParisTech), Sylvie LUPTON (UniLaSalle), Myriam MERAD (Université de Nice - CNRS), Mark WIESNER (Duke University). 
The PhD defense took place at Université Paris Dauphine on November 28, 2017.

Progress on ongoing and newly launched research projects.

April 2018, Tomoko Oikawa did the presentation titled ‘Regional economy structure analysis towards sustainable economy: Regional economic circulation analysis as municipality’s egeneration strategy in Japan’ in the international conference in Demure in Turkey. It is based on the theory by a Japanese prof. Nakamura (Ryōhei), who has had the collaboration with numerous municipalities in Japan. The collaboration is aimed at for a small- or medium-sized town to provide strategy and to transform into sustainable independent economy.

He conducted a small research by interviewing the village manager in the municipality in Demure, which is the hometown of prof. in Usak University in Turkey.  A project on transformation of Demure towards sustainable economy will be launched. This would be a step to regeneration of a small- or medium-sized town in Ireland.

Terri Lituchy was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship (2018-2020) for research in the Caribbean.
His research is part of a larger project called LEAD = Leadership Effectiveness in Africa and the Diaspora.
New team members are welcome.
More info: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5b2af325a5d05-AIBInsightsVolume17Issue1.pdf


Dr. Robert A. Marshall was recently selected by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State to serve as a Fulbright Specialist to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.  Dr. Marshall will be conducting workshops in project management for the Ministry of Finance and Planning.   Dr. Marshall is a frequent peer reviewer for EURAM in the domain of project management, completed his doctorate at ESC Lille (SKEMA), France in Strategy, Program and Project Management and is an Adjunct Professor at Southern New Hampshire University.  A long standing and highly prestigious cultural exchange program, the Fulbright Program selects top U.S. faculty and professionals to serve as expert consultants abroad.  Dr. Marshall will be in Myanmar for six weeks, beginning August 1, 2018.  https://www.cies.org/

Navneet Bhatnagar was recently awarded a Ph.D in Marketing Management by the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. His thesis was titled "Defining and Measuring Firm Competencies for Service Innovation."



Prof. Piero Formica received an Innovation Luminary Award 2017 their work on modern innovation policy", bestowed by The EU's Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group .


Navneet Bhatnagar was awarded the de Visscher & Co. Scholarship for family business advisory programme conducted by the Family Firm institute, Boston, USA.


Books, Journals & Publications

Felicetta Iovino and Guido Migliaccio of the University of Sannio in Benevento (Italy) are pleased to announce that their paper entitled "Reshaping the energy market: the Italian case" has been published in International Journal of Business and Social Science, Vol. 9, N. 1, 2018.
It's available at: http://ijbssnet.com/journals/Vol_9_No_1_January_2018/7.pdf

New textbook «Healthcare Management: Switzerland» is out now. The Authors Prof. Dr. Alfred Angerer and PD Dr. Florian Liberatore from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) give a fact based, practical overview of the Swiss healthcare system. Modern management methods are shown for all the important players of the healthcare system. The book is based on the innovative ELS-Modell. This solution-driven Model divides business knowledge into three categories “Develop” (strategy & marketing), “Operate” (process management) and “Control” (controlling and leadership). This book is especially suitable for students and practitioners in health economics, business administration and medicine. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
More info: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5b32372916155-BuchCover.png

Garefalakis, A. E., Dimitras, A. I., & Ballas, P. (2018). Determinant Factors of the Quality Management Commentary Reports. In C. Zopounidis, A. Christopoulos, & P. Kalantonis (Eds.), Perspectives, Trends, and Applications in Corporate Finance and Accounting (pp. 301-315). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-6114-9.ch012
More info: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5b31e3fc80450-9781522561149.png

Dominguez, Noémie and Mayrhofer, Ulrike (eds.) (2018), Key success factors of SME internationalisation: A cross-country perspective, Emerald.
This collective book offers a cross-country perspective on the internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Scholars from prestigious institutions in Europe, North America, Australia and China provide new insights on how SMEs develop and perform their international activities. Their innovative approach is particularly useful to understand the major role played by SMEs in today’s global economy.
The authors identify key factors that facilitate the international expansion of SMEs. They explain how SMEs can succeed their development in both mature and emerging economies. Their findings are based on quantitative surveys and in-depth case-studies. Recommendations are provided to help SME managers increase the performance of their international activities.
The book is coordinated and written by renowned scholars from twelve countries (Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States), who have gained a recognised expertise on the internationalisation of SMEs: Catherine Axinn, Alexandra Baba, Luisa Campos, Alfredo D’Angelo, Noémie Dominguez, Ulf Elg, Susan Freeman, Pervez N. Ghauri, Birgit Hagen, Katharina Maria Hofer, Olli Kuivalainen, Richard Lacoursiere, Jani Lindqvist, Antonio Majocchi, Ulrike Mayrhofer, Niina Nummela, José Pla-Barber, Christiane Prange, Mika Ruokonen, Sami Saarenketo, Stefan Schmid, Maria Cristina Sestu, Josée St-Pierre, Gabriele Suder, Lasse Torkkeli, Sophie Veilleux, Cristina Villar García, Youzhen Zhao and Antonella Zucchella.

Zwikael, O., Chih, Y., Meredith, J. (2018). Project benefit management: Setting effective target benefits. International Journal of Project Management, 36, 650–658. 

Zwikael, O., Meredith, J. (2018). Who’s who in the project zoo? The ten core project roles. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 38 (2), 474-492. 

Macro Talent Management: A Global Perspective on Managing Talent in Developed Markets and Macro Talent Management in Emerging and Emergent Markets: A Global Perspective (both are edited by Vlad Vaiman, Paul Sparrow, Randall Shuler, and David G. Collings) serve as a guide that orients the reader toward activities that increase their country’s global competitiveness, attractiveness, and economic development through strategic talent management.  These books bring together leading experts from around the world to address such issues as cross-border flows of talent, diaspora mobility, knowledge flows, global labour markets, and policies. Bringing together research from the fields of human resource management, international business, economic geography, comparative international development, and political economy, these books offer a definitive, comprehensive treatment of the topic aimed at advance students and practitioners.
See https://bit.ly/2C32Uzs and https://bit.ly/2LZVtda.

Asmaa Hidki – I have the pleasure of announcing the publication of my Chapter on Management Information Systems. My chapter is about the personal innovativeness as a main component to the user-acceptance of information technology in any specialized setting and gaining a meaningful usage of it. “The Grands Authors in Information Systems” field is now available in paper format. More information can be found on my Chapter website: http://www.editions-ems.fr/livres/collections/grands-auteurs/ouvrage/483-les-grands-auteurs-en-syst%C3%A8mes-d%E2%80%99information.html
Also, I had the pleasure of delivering my keynote address at The International Symposium in Lima, Peru June 14th, 2018 last week. The experience was a sublime one, as all of the other speakers. The Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality are becoming an imperative technologies to tackle the World Health Organizations’ challenges mainly the universal health coverage and the shortage of healthcare workforce in the world.

The new edition of RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas (Journal of Business Management), published by FGV Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP), presents a special issue with articles of the international forum “The eating business: Entrepreneurship and cultural politics”, organized by Marina Heck (FGV EAESP, Brazil), Jeffrey Pilcher (University of Toronto, Canada), Krishnendu Ray (New York University, USA) and Eliane Brito (FGV EAESP, Brazil). The organizers focused on the eating business’ various aspects and chose to publish articles written by experts and people from international universities, thus stimulating discussions in business environments and entrepreneurship around the world.
Read the full version: www.fgv.br/rae

Rethinking Leadership Book.

A new book on the topic of ethical behavior was just published by Routledge:
The book covers ethics development from its origin to help managers understand and confront the 21st century's increasing challenges and disruptions. Its clear narrative and cogent examples bridge scholars and practitioners,, showing distinctive cases on how to implement human centered management and how to teach the subject to executives.
The author has 30 years of business experience in developed and developing countries and 20 years in academia in the US and in Europe, which provides solid background to effectively and affectively discuss the topic from multiple angles.

The new issue of Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management (JOSCM) are available. The first four papers are part of ongoing process of publishing research papers in topics related to supply chain management and logistics that raise new research insights. In addition, JOSCM also presents three best papers award nominated in the XX SIMPOI (2017), which occurs annually in Sao Paulo bringing together academic and practitioners in the Operations Management field. Read the full version: www.fgv.br/joscm

There is a growing interest for positive psychology at organizational management. Employees’ well-being has been a matter of focus, for its impact on employees’ work performance. Models of well-being are limited in explaining employee well-being, whereby predicting work performance. This recently completed doctoral thesis (2017) has proposed a broader, multi-dimensional well-being construct, with a holistic perspective –Employee Wholeness, that predicts employee performance. 
The study proposed a holistic composite well-being construct, would relatively more strongly affect work performance, than the effect of its individual dimensions. Results showed that employees’ well-being is explained with a composite construct of seven dimensions: (1)career success, (2)emotional intelligence, (3)psychological capital, (4)engagement, (5)general satisfaction, (6)work-life balance, and (7)authentic functioning. Dominant factors predicting performance are meaning and purpose, motivation and self-management skills, self-efficacy and hope, enjoyment from work.

Piero Formica and Martin Curley (Editors), EXPLORING THE CULTURE OF OPEN INNOVATION. Towards an Altruistic Model of Economy, Emerald Group Publishing, August 2018
Acclaimed entrepreneurship and innovation scholar Piero Formica, along with a strong and diverse cast of international contributors, explore the world of Open Innovation in this volume. 
In the knowledge economy, greater togetherness is the prerequisite for innovating and having more: selflessness extends scope while selfishness increases limitations. But human beings are not automatically attracted to innovation: between the two lies culture and cultural values vary widely, with the egoistic accent or the altruistic intonation setting the scene. In the representations of open innovation, we submit to the reader’s attention, selfishness and selflessness are active in the cultural space. 

Special Issue in Sustainability "Researching Entrepreneurship at Different Levels: Micro, Meso and Macro"
The aim of this special issue is to empirically contribute to the field, also from the aspects of countries and regions that have not deserved much attention in the literature yet. 
The following aspects and topics could be addressed in your submissions:
- Entrepreneurship, innovation, and regional development
- Sustainable entrepreneurship
- Entrepreneurial activity
- Determinants of entrepreneurship and self-employment
- Entrepreneurial economics
- Entrepreneurial finance
- Entrepreneurship policies and their evaluation
- Entrepreneurship in emerging, developing, and transition economies
The final deadline for submission of manuscripts is 30th October 2018. For details, please, visit the following link: http://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/Meso_and_Macro
Guest Editor: Ondřej Dvouletý

Call for papers to a special issue of Futures on “Futures of management theory”. Deadline: 15 September 2018.Weblink: https://wp.me/pvO07-16A

Call for papers to a special issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change on “Digital Transformation of Social Theory”. Submission deadline: 15 October 2018. Weblink: https://wp.me/pvO07-17R

Mahima Mishra - Presented and Published a Research Paper at International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICIE-2018)  organised by George Town University, Washington University and UDC at Washington DC on March 2018.
The paper was on "Influence of Public Policy on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Study of Indian Manufacturing SMEs".
Also have published a Case Study with IVEY and Harvard Business School Publishing on "ARO GRANITE INDUSTRIES LIMITED: COMPETITION AND EXPORTATION CHALLENGES". The case is about the Entrepreneurship and International Business.
Apart from this published several papers listed with SCOPUS and other indexing on the field of International Business, Economics and Public policy.

Deadline: September 30th 2018
This special issue of RAE will focus on methods, measures, and practices that connect Big Data issues to relevant aspects such as business value, digital transformation and organizational performance. The papers should help researchers and managers to understand the concepts, requirements, platforms, and benefits of Big Data initiatives as well as its requirements, potential risks and unintended consequences. 
To see the full version of this Call for Paper, visit: http://rae.fgv.br/node/46972.

PuntOorg international journal is organising a Special Issue entitled "The Challenge of Sustainable Development for organisations: the role of Model-based frameworks through systemic approaches". The main theme is model-based governance and sustainable development.  The full announcement can be viewed on the online call-for-paper. Deadline: 15th November 2018.

Call for Papers - Research Policy special issue on: "Free household sector innovation: Paradigm and implications
Submission deadline: March 1, 2019.
Household sector (HHS) innovation encompasses the ideation and development of new or modified products, services, processes, techniques, or other applications by consumers, practiced in their discretionary time without pay. Their innovation behavior extends beyond idea generation or making suggestions, to include developmental
activity. Individuals not only create innovative solutions for their own use, but also frequently reveal them to others and allow others to use their designs for free.
This special issue covers the following research topics: 
- Genesis, processes, and effects of HHS innovation
- Policy implications 
- Organizational factors affecting HHS innovation
- Interaction with producers
For more information, visit:

Guido Migliaccio, La dimensione quantitativa della gestione. Aspetti teorici e applicativi, Angeli, Milano, IV edizione 2018, pagg. 728. 

Jittaruttha, C. (2018). “The Shared Culture of the ASEAN Community Decreasing Power Distance and Uplifting the Citizens’ Quality of Life.” Proceedings, paper will be presented to the 42rd IISES 2018. Rome, Italy, September 10-13. 
Jittaruttha, C. (2018). “Democratic Culture: The Ultimate Goal of Social Sustainable Development.” Proceedings, paper presented to the EURAM 2018 Conference. The University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland, June 19-22. 
Jittaruttha, C. (2017). “Public Trust and Governance in Public Administration in Thailand.”     Proceedings, paper presented to the 33rd IISES 2017. FH Wein University of Applied Sciences of WKW, Vienna, Austria, August 28-31. 
Jittaruttha, C. (2016). “Public Trust Among Citizen: Inner Cultural Questions.” Proceedings, paper presented to the 24th IISES 2016. Hotel H 10 Casanova, Spain. June 28-July 1.
Jittaruttha, C. (2014). “Trust Culture and the Ethics of Government: When Trust among Citizen Is Deficient”. Argumenta Oeconomica (Cracoviensia), No. 10, 2014, Issn    1642-168X: AOC, 2014; pp. 21-41.


Research Networks and Centres

EUMENTORSTEM (http://www.eumentorstem.eu/) is an Erasmus+ project aiming at supporting the employability of migrant women with a STEM background (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), either as employee or as entrepreneurs. It is led by the Department of Management of the University of Bologna (Italy) and involves British, Greek, Hungarian and Swedish partner organizations.
The team of the project has recently concluded an exploratory research that will inform the subsequent development of innovative Mentoring & Coaching learning and training materials targeting both migrant women and the professionals interacting with this group of beneficiaries.
The research has employed qualitative and quantitative methods to identify structural and individual barriers preventing migrant women in STEM from becoming active in the labour market; outline the background situation in each partner country in terms of migration patterns, available training and support opportunities for migrant women in STEM and training tools for career advisor and educators.
The report of the research is available online at: http://www.eumentorstem.eu/outputs/deliverables/.

Co-operative Early Career Researchers Network (CERN) is a new international network headquartered in Manchester, UK. It brings together early career researchers interested in co-operatives and the solidarity economy. The aims of the network are seen as to share ideas, help the researchers develop themselves and to work closely with the co-operative movement to assist it in building its strength for the future. Contacts: Prof Tony Webster (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Dr Olga Kuznetsova (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Dr Cilla Ross (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The Center for Advanced Studies is a platform for scientific exchange and interconnectedness. Transcending the disciplinary boundaries, the Center devotes itself to future-relevant issues as well as the observation, description and analysis of economic and societal processes of change. Within the research activities, issues of regional relevance will be connected to global challenges, and regional developments and spatial patterns will be put into the global context. Within the scope of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research the embeddedness will be followed in global networks and the sensitization of local and regional actors for global themes. In terms of transformative research, the Center aims at linking and initiating learning processes between science and society. Future developments will be identified and anticipated scientifically, in order to supportively design political decisions and social directions.

The Chair "Positive Business: Value for All" has been set up in June 2018 at the Paris Nanterre University Foundation in France. The objective is to develop research about more sustainable business models/decision making process and to help the integration of social and environmental impacts in fundamental 
courses (marketing, strategy, finance...) in management high schools and universities all other the world. Join our network and develop your local academy! 



Apply for a Case Writing Scholarship

The Case Centre offers a number of Case Writing Scholarships each year to both individuals and teams.
If successful, your scholarship package will include financial support of £1,000 ($1,200, €1,150) and a free place on one of our expert-led case writing workshops – an invaluable opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of an internationally respected case writer.
Who is eligible?
You are welcome to apply if you are an unpublished case writer and a faculty member or PhD student with teaching responsibilities. 
Scholarship teams will share the financial award and can send one member of their team on the free case writing workshop.
How do I apply?
Apply online by 7 August 2018 at www.thecasecentre.org/scholarships



An ‘EPIC’ Adventure to Assess Entrepreneurship Education
The European Commission (DG/EAC) commissioned an evaluation of entrepreneurship education programmes (EEPs) in higher education institutions. The ‘Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Education Programmes in Higher Education Institutions & Centres’(pronounced ‘Epic’)  will map existing entrepreneurship education and training programmes and develop a toolkit and methodology to measure impacts/outcomes.
Goal: Design robust, validated online toolkits that educators, students and external stakeholders can leverage for comparing, evaluating and (re)designing existing and future programmes aligned with specific needs of target groups and/or intended programme impacts.
Project team: Consortium led by Ecorys NL including thought leaders (including Andrew Penaluna & Norris Krueger) plus successful entrepreneurship programme developers from 12 countries. 

How Can You Help?: https://epic.ecorys.com for more information, to participate in surveys or help test the toolkit. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
More info: http://www.euramonline.org/components/com_foxcontact/uploads/5b3582660f4de-GabiEURAMdraftv3nk.docx



Want your students to think more creatively? Then teach them at lunchtime. In a recent study conducted by Dermot Breslin, University of Sheffield, UK, groups of students were found to generate twice as many ideas when they were quizzed around midday, compared with the start or the end of the working day. Writing in the journal Studies in Higher Education, Dr Breslin says that “the midday period represents a unique opportunity for group creativity within the working day”. The results are thought to reflect peaks in socialisation, alertness and arousal that are believed to occur about four hours after waking and have been evidenced by previous studies. Higher education institutions should thus consider scheduling classes that require group creativity in students around lunchtime in response to the research. 



Workshops & Conferences

How to build a 'sustainable workforce'?
How can organizations keep their employees healthy, motivated, and performing well throughout their entire career? On 28-29 June 2018,

an international group of 35 scientists on (sustainable) employability has shared and discussed the latest insights on this complex issue during an expert Small Group Meeting in Eindhoven that was sponsored by EAWOP and the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences of TU/e.
The studies that were presented cover the entire career path from starting to working and re-entry and include both fundamental and applied (intervention) research. Topics that were addressed are e.g., labour market entry, HRM policy and practices, unemployment and reemployment, and elderly employees.
This Small Group Meeting was organized by Human Performance Management Group of TU/e and of the Institute of Management Research of Radboud University.
Dr. Pascale Le Blanc of the Human Performance Management Group of TU/e and Prof. dr. Beatrice van der Heijden of the Institute for Management Research of Radboud University.

In case if you plan to join Academy of Management Meeting (and are interested in Open Innovation), we would like to invite you to our PDW on "Researching Open Innovation" on Friday, August 10, 2018, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM at Swissôtel Chicago, room Zurich D.
You can register online until July 31st at https://lnkd.in/e4S8KgJ 
Organizers: Marcel, Jonathan, Agnieszka,  Maral, Mehdi, Gergana and Sunny

5th Annual World Open Innovation Conference 2018
Submit your either extended abstracts or full papers to the 5th Annual World Open Innovation Conference 2018. The deadline for academic submissions is August 15.
Let's meet in San Francisco, Bay Area, California!
CALL FOR PAPERS: https://lnkd.in/dtu94eY 
WOIC WEBSITE: https://lnkd.in/eNqVmXX

Registrations for the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference “Redefining Management Education: Excellence and Relevance” are open! CEEMAN invites you to join its international event taking place on 19-21 September 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. This year’s keynote speaker will be Roger Martin, former dean of Rothman School of Management who was named the number-one management thinker by Thinkers50 in 2017. We also expect provocative thoughts from Johan Roos, chief academic officer at Hult Business School. Prominent business speakers from various industries will contribute their views on management education, and a series of side events will take place in the context of the conference as well, including individual dean-to-dean advisory meetings, a CEEMAN IQA International Quality Accreditation session and company visits to learn more about business needs. Register here: http://www.ceeman.org/programs-events/26th-ceeman-annual-conference

CEEMAN is cordially inviting you to its second edition of the EdTech Seminar on Digital Technologies in Teaching and Learning taking place on 15-18 October 2018 in Bled, Slovenia. Digital technologies are at the heart of modern education systems, workplaces and learning environments, changing the way we teach and learn. The EdTech Seminar is an intensive and highly interactive four-day program where international faculty and renowned experts provide an overview of the big picture and trends of digitalization in management education. The goal of this seminar is to help participants advance their knowledge, understanding, and fluency with digital learning trends, methods and tools and how they can use these to their institutions’ advantage. Apply before 1 September to receive the early bird discount: www.ceeman.org/edtech 

16th  International Association of Cross Cultural Competence and Management (IACCM) Conference to be held in Paris in cooperation with IESEG School of Management and the IESEG Center for Intercultural Engagement.
Dates: 31 October - 2 November 2019
More Information online soon here or subscribe to our Newsletter here or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leading the Way in Management Development Workshop taking place on 4-7 November 2018 in Bled, Slovenia
In the fast-changing world of management development, it is crucial that leadership teams of educational institutions are able to develop comprehensive plans for dealing with external and internal changes, and work together efficiently to implement these plans. CEEMAN invites you to apply for its new Leading the Way in Management Development Workshop taking place on 4-7 November 2018 in Bled, Slovenia. Designed by a group of experienced presidents and deans from CEEMAN member institutions, the workshop is intended to help top leadership teams of management schools to stress-test and fine-tune their strategies and plans. This will be achieved through a series of 10 Master Classes on key issues that management development institutions are facing, extensive faculty and peer-to-peer feedback, and cross-team meetings of those with parallel responsibilities.
Apply here: http://www.ceeman.org/programs-events/leading-the-way-in-management-development-workshop

CALL FOR PAPERS : The 9th International Management and Accounting Conference (IMAC9) 2018
Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (The National University of Malaysia) would like to invite esteemed researchers and practitioners to the 9th International Management and Accounting Conference (IMAC9) from November 2018 which will be held in Putrajaya, Malaysia. IMAC9 welcomes papers across Accounting, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource and Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and Finance disciplines. Join us in this interesting knowledge sharing and exchange event with leading academic researchers and scholars which covers a wide spectrum of scholarships of Management and Accounting within the realm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
For details, click : http://submit.confbay.com/conf/imac9

Call for Posters: Conference “Women in the Digital Future: Breaking through Stereotypes” in Munich on December 7 2018 (9.15 – 17.30), held by the Chair for Strategy and Organization (Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe) of Technical University of Munich.
Possible topics for poster submissions:
• What concrete measures can be taken to reduce gender, age and origin stereotypes in the media, education, science and business in general, and in STEM and digitization in particular?
• What concrete opportunities and challenges for gender justice result from digitization?
• How can educational institutions and companies make careers in STEM more attractive for women and promote women in these careers with discernible results? 
Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2018
Please send an abstract (max. 500 words) plus title and author information (name, institution(s), order) to Stefan Fischer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
More info:

Over 60 doctoral students and faculty met together for the 8th International Doctoral Consortium in Delhi, India. The theme was postcolonialism and decolonization - explored through a series of workshops. The broadly qualitative and critical consortium is rare in its international focus - in terms of students, faculty, key notes, and the geopolitical location of sponsoring business schools - covering every continent on the globe.  In 2016 IDC6 was held in Canada, IDC7 was held in Finland and we are planning for IDC9 in Mexico. For further information and involvement contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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EURAM 2018 CONFERENCE a few highlights…

More news will be published in a Special Edition of the EURAM Newsletter



ENTREPRENEURSHIP SIG 2018Dear E-Ship members,
We trust you had an interesting and productive Conference in Iceland!

For EURAM 2019 (Lisbon), we are working with Matthias Raith, SIG Chair, and Marzena Starnawska, Program Chair, to offer an attractive programme.  We want to thank each one of you for your contribution to the E-ship’s growth. Many of you contribute in multiple ways to our sessions. As an organisation of volunteers, all our activities and their quality standard are highly dependent on your good will and professional expertise!  Finally, we thank Massimiliano Pellegrini, Past SIG Chair, for his energy and support during the past years.

Congratulations go to Meriç Biçakcioğlu (Bilgi University) second DC Best Paper Award, Kazem Mochkabadi (University of Wuppertal University)l EURAM 2018 Best Reviewer, and Nicole Siebold (Magdeburg University) for the Entrepreneurship SIG Best Paper Award.







Strategic Management SIG:  2018 EURAM’s wrap-up

Strategic Management SIG kicked-off Wednesday with state of the art discussions on creating and connecting in the Icelandic tourism industry. Followed by the symposium on alliances, platforms, ecosystems and hybrids.  M&As track also celebrated the 10th anniversary. Congratulations!
Thursday, after engaging track sessions, the room was full at the NCA symposia. Right after, the SIG General Assembly took place and interesting ideas were shared to improve next year’s SIG. We can’t forget mentioning the awarded researchers. Thank you everyone!  The dinner at the beautiful islandic restaurant was the cherry on the cake. 
Finally, we can’t forget the joint PMI-Strategy initiative providing the opportunity to all researchers to ask for funding in the following term. We count on your ideas:)








Newsletter prepared by

Luisa Jaffé - EURAM Executive Officer

Eleonora Piacenza - EURAM Website Manager