1. I am a Ph.D. student

Can I pay a reduced registration fee?

Doctoral students can attend the conference at a reduced rate. Information about registration and the registration fees will be posted in early December. Please note, when registering, you need to upload proof that you are a current Ph.D. student before completing your payment. Appropriate documentation should be a signed and dated in a letter from your supervisor using the letterhead of the institution or a dated student card (documents should be submitted in English. Student cards with characters other than Roman will be discarded, i.e. Chinese, Cyrillic, etc. characters). The conference team will approve your status within five working days. You will then be invited to complete your online payment. If you do not upload this documentation before completing your payment, you will be charged the full fee.

Can I attend the Doctoral Colloquium?

To attend the Doctoral Colloquium students must submit their paper to the Doctoral Colloquium before 21 January 2020 and receive a letter of acceptance (10 March 2020). The Call for Applications will be posted in fall 2019.

If you have NOT submitted a paper to the Doctoral Colloquium event and have NOT received an acceptance letter, you may NOT attend the Doctoral Colloquium – even if your paper has been accepted for the 2020 EURAM Conference.

2. I am submitting a paper

What are the submission criteria?

You will find all information about the submission criteria in the Call for Papers. The online submission is open here.

3. I would like to register as an auditor

Conference delegates who did not submit a paper or are not scheduled for a presentation are welcome to join the conference to develop their network and to attend any of the scientific activities of the EURAM 2020 programme. To do so, they will need to register as a paying delegate in the conference here https://www.dekon.com.tr/euram2020.

4. I have submitted a paper

When will I know if my paper has been accepted?

EURAM will contact you on 19 March 2020. If you have not heard from us by 2 April, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Will I receive the reviewers’ comments on my paper?

You will receive the reviewers’ comments in your notification email.

5. I am reviewing a paper

Will I receive a certificate confirming that I have reviewed a paper at EURAM?

EURAM automatically provides certificates for reviewing a paper in the course of the month of April. Moreover, the reviewers are all listed in the e-proceedings with their name, first name and affiliation.

There is an award for the Best Reviewer of the conference with prize money of 500 Euro.

6. My paper has been accepted

Why is my paper in a different track from the one I submitted to?

The Conference Programme Committee and SIG chairs sometimes move papers in order to match them with better papers of a similar theme.

Will my paper be published anywhere?

For EURAM 2020, the abstracts and full papers will be published in e-format and for the latter, accessible for registered delegates only.

You will be able to view the full programme on our website and to select sessions/tracks that you wish to attend based on the title of the paper, keywords, authors’ names, etc.

Abstracts and full papers are made available a few weeks before the conference to conference delegates only so that discussants and chairs can prepare their sessions. The Conference Programme Committee believes that this is important for research dissemination. However, if you oppose the publication of your paper you may request for its removal, however you should make that paper available to your session chair and discussant(s) if requested.

Will the proceedings have an ISSN number and/or ISBN?

The proceedings will carry the ISSN 2466-7498 and ISBN 978-2-9602195-2-4.

7. I am registering to attend

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee covers:

  • Admission to the Labs taking place on 9 June 2020 which will be followed by the Welcome Reception
  • Admission to all academic sessions (10-12 June 2020) as well as the SIG kick-off activities
  • Handout materials and information package
  • Access to the online programme, the mobile app and papers
  • A certificate of attendance
  • Coffee breaks & lunches to be served during the conference scientific programme, 9 June (afternoon) and 10-12 June 2020
  • The welcome reception held on 9 June 2020.

...but does not include:

  • EURAM Membership fees for 2021
  • Standard rate: 80 Euro (inc. 21% Belgian VAT) *
  • Ph.D. students: 60 Euro (inc. 21% Belgian VAT) *
  • The EURAM Party or touristic activities
  • Transportation to and from the hotel or the airport

* EURAM reserves itself the right to modify the membership fees for the year 2021. Should this be the case, the new membership fees will be published on the EURAM website and the EURAM 2020 website at the end of November 2019 (after board approval).

 To register online Click here

I am an author / presenting author / track chair / session chair/ symposium panellist or moderator in Symposia– do I need to register?

All participants must register to attend. If the presenting author of an accepted paper does not register before 10 April 2020, his/her paper will not be included in the programme.

I am an author / presenting author / track chair / session chair/ panellist or moderator in Symposia – do I need to pay to attend?

All participants, including board members, executive committee members and even the president of the academy, have to pay the full registration fees to attend the EURAM Conference.

Can I bring an accompanying person?

An accompanying person cannot participate in the academic programme. However, you can register them to attend the social events at an extra cost. More information will be posted in due course.

How can I pay?

By credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Under exceptional circumstances, you may pay by bank transfer after contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are paying by bank transfer, please be aware that there might be bank transfer costs as the bank account is outside the European Union.

In case of bank transfers, ensure that the payment reaches us by 10 April. Otherwise your paper will not be considered for presentation.

Please check your details thoroughly before completing your payment. If you need your invoice/receipt sent to a different address, or VAT number to be included, you have to fill out the field below your payment details. Requests made after the date of payment may take a few days to honour.

If you need a special invoice for your finance department, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Is EURAM subject to VAT?

EURAM is subject to VAT. When you register, you will receive two receipts:

  • For your 2021 membership, 21% VAT will be included (Belgian VAT). The EURAM VAT Number is BE 0864.204.177.
  • For conference registration/participation Conference & Doctoral Colloquium Fees,18% VAT will be included. VAT Number: 0010462389

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

When you submit your payment, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you automatically once your payment has been received in our system. This may take a few days especially if you chose the bank transfer option. Please make sure that the contact e-mail address that you provide is up-to-date and correct.

Can I register for one day? Is there a special rate?

The conference fees published on the website apply to all delegates; EURAM does not offer any daily rates. We advise all authors, presenters, chairs, and co-chairs to register for the conference by 10 April 2020, which is the deadline for the lowest cost fees.

Can I cancel my registration? Will I receive a refund?

If you need to cancel your registration, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Cancellations made by 20 May: reimbursement of 50% of the conference fee
  • Cancellations made after 21 May: NO reimbursement

Can I get a certificate of attendance?

You will receive a certificate of attendance with your delegate pack.

Will conference papers be accessible?

Conference papers will be accessible in e-format to registered participants only via the online programme and the mobile app.

8. I am planning my stay in Dublin

Will EURAM cover any of my hotel and travel costs? Is a hotel room included in my registration fee?

No, EURAM does not cover any participants’ expenses. EURAM offers the opportunity to book a hotel room when you register for the conference, with a range of budget options. Information will be posted on the website in due course.

How can I book a hotel room?

More information coming soon.

How can I cancel my hotel room? Will I get a refund?

More information coming soon.

Does EURAM provide transport from the airport / train station / hotels?

No, EURAM does not provide transportation to and from airports, train stations, or hotels. Transportation fee is not included in the registration fees.

Do I need a visa to come to Dublin? How do I obtain an invitation letter to apply for a visa?

Ireland is not in the Schengen Area.

All persons requiring visas must apply for a visa at the applicable Irish embassy/consulate see http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/inis/pages/apply+for+a+visa

9. I am planning my activities at the conference

Please see the Conference Programme for a full list of our confirmed speakers and topics. A link will be provided after the authors' registration deadline approximately three weeks prior the beginning of the conference.

Will there be internet available at the conference?

Eduroam is available, see details here, and a free guest wi-fi will also be available for participants.

Can I attend any presentation / session?

Yes. Once you have registered for the conference, you do not need to register for individual sessions (except in the case of Professional Development Workshops offered by exhibitors).

However, the number of seats in each room limits audience numbers. Therefore, once all seats are taken, you may not join the session due to safety regulations.

How can I find when and where a session is?

On the website and mobile app, you will find a programme outline listing all sessions, and a map of the conference locations (a link will be provided in due course). Information will be available approximately three weeks prior to the kick-off of the conference.

Is there a dress code for the conference?

There is no official dress code. However, we recommend that you wear business-casual clothing.

10. I am interested in attending the social events

How can I book my ticket(s) for the EURAM Party and the SIG Social events?

When you register for the Conference, there is an option at the end of the process to book your hotel and register for the social events. You can also buy your ticket at the registration desk when you arrive – tickets are on a first come, first served basis. For SIG’s social events, you need to get in touch with SIG chairs.

Is there a dress code for the EURAM Party?

There is no dress code, but you are welcome to dress up for the occasion. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing.

Where can I find out about SIG social events?

Please see the website for the EURAM Welcome Reception and SIGs social events, as well as the EURAM Party [information will be available soon on the official website of EURAM 2020].

11. I will be presenting a paper at the conference

Can I choose what day/time to present my paper?

The task of building the conference programme is very complex and requires the collaboration of over 150 chairs. EURAM focuses on offering a programme with scientific coherence and whereby subjects debated overlap the least.

For this reason, we cannot take personal preferences into account. If you cannot attend the full conference from 09:00 (Wednesday 10 June 2020) until 18:00 (Friday 12 June 2020), please make sure that one of your co-authors has registered before 10 April 2020.

What are the different session types?

There are two different session types at the EURAM Conference. These are:

  • Paper Development Sessions
  • Competitive Paper Sessions.

How should I prepare my presentation?

You can view the full guidelines for presenting a paper, which will be posted on the website in due course after the e-notification of acceptance.

What audio-visual equipment will be available?

Rooms will be equipped with a beamer and a computer. It is also possible for laptops to be connected to the beamer but MACs may need an adaptor that you should bring with you.

How many people will be at my session?

Attendance varies from session to session. The organising team cannot influence this - various factors influence the popularity of sessions, including time of the session, topic of interest, other concurrent sessions, etc. However, due to safety measures the numbers are limited by room capacity.

Can I get a certificate for presenting my paper? What about my co-authors?

EURAM does not provide certificates for presenting a paper. Each registered author will receive an attendance certificate in the delegate pack.

12. I have been asked to chair a session at the conference

What are my expected tasks?

You can view the full guidelines for chairing a session after notification. The guidelines will be posted on the website in due course.

Can I get a certificate for chairing a session?

EURAM does not provide certificates for chairing a session. You will receive an attendance certificate in your delegate pack. Your name will appear on the e-programme book as session chair.

13. I have been asked to be a discussant at the conference

What are my expected tasks?

You can view the full guidelines for acting as a discussant after the notification. The guidelines will be posted on the website in due course.

Can I get a certificate for acting as a discussant?

EURAM does not provide certificates for acting as a discussant. You will receive an attendance certificate in your delegate pack. Your name will appear on the e-programme book as discussant.

14. My question is not listed in the FAQ. Whom do I contact?

If you have further enquiries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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