Deadline for submission 9 July 2019


Dear EURAM members and friends,

By proposing a symposium, you contribute to enhancing the interest of and in the Conference. By promoting and organising a stimulating and participative symposium after your proposal is selected, you will facilitate the development of research and education that matter.



Propose a symposium to be considered for the conference programme by clicking on symposium and by filling out the symposium proposal form which will is available on here.

Prior to submitting your proposal, please ensure that you run a spell check on all the texts you are submitting. In case of acceptance, parts of your proposal will be published on the EURAM website and proceedings.

Please use the fields checklist to prepare your proposal before online submission.

The information that you provide on the form should include:

(1) Part one Symposium:

  • Indicate Title (the name of the proposed Symposium. – 100 Characters without spaces max.)
  • Indicate to what SIG(s) you are submitting your Symposium proposal (1st Choice and -  optional - 2nd choice). You can either submit a proposal to one or two SIGs or to the General Conference Track and one SIG;
  • Tick the Declaration of Commitment (by sending this proposal to the EURAM 2020 Conference Programme Committee, the proponent’s team commits to respect the deadlines and conditions in performing the tasks required by the Conference Programme Committee.)
  • Provide a short bio of each proponent –max. 100 words;
  • Describe previous experience of the proponents’ team with this topic in major scholarly conferences –max. 200 words.
  • Describe the objectives of the Symposium, the characteristics and methodology of the proposed sessions, and justify its relevance. Short description max. 100 words as well as long description of max. 400 words;
  • Indicate at least 3 references related to the Symposium being proposed – max. 100 words;
  • Indicate at least 3 keywords;
  • Indicate the main networks: associations, journals, research centres, research teams, social media, etc. you intend to mobilise to promote the Conference and the symposium you are proposing;
  • Indicate how many people the symposium may attract – max. 100 words:

Indicate how you plan to structure the symposium in a 90-min. window (number of speakers, discussion, Q&A, etc.) – max. 200 words.

(2) Part two Proponents

  • List the Proponents (we recommend teams of two or three scholars from different countries); You can add an existing contact profile as co-proponent or add a new contact profile as co-proponent (in case the proponent is not registered in the system).

Note: the Symposium Proposal Form can be saved and completed later.



If your proposal is selected you are expected to actively promote the symposium through your own networks on behalf of the EURAM conference, highlighting the opportunity to attend and participate in the symposium you are proposing.



If your proposal is selected you are expected to monitor your symposium session to be sure that everything is working as planned (presence of panellists, participants; existence and functioning of the required resources, etc.) and communicate in a timely manner any incident to the Conference Programme Committee.

Thank you for taking the time to communicate with the relevant SIG chairs and the Conference Programme Committee and for respecting all the deadlines to enhance the quality of the conference for all participants.


Organising Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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